3 Common Remedies for How to Stay Awake

Staying Awake is a common problem, be it for people who work or for students. Caffeine and Soda have been long used to remedy sleepiness and drowsiness. That is why it is common for most people to drink coffee before starting their day or drink a can of soda every day. It has been claimed that people who experience sugar rush after drinking coffee and soda tend to become more tired after the sugar rush effect has subsided.

I was a skeptic, so I personally tried the remedy. I was working for my article writing job, I started to get drowsy writing my delayed submissions because of the internet connection problem my dorm was experiencing. I took a bottle of Mountain Dew Soda and I experienced sugar rush, I became alert and was able to think fast and work fast as well. Two hours after I drank the soda, I started to feel tired and I fell asleep in front my laptop. I woke up and was more tired than before.

Not a healthy habit really, so here are three (3) common remedies for how to stay awake without wagering your own health:

1. Do light stretching. After every 30 minutes or when you start to get drowsy, do light stretching and exercise like walking, moving your head to and fro or reach for your toes. Exercise increases blood circulation in the body, the effect therefore will make you more alert and will eventually get rid of drowsiness.

2. Smell Rosemary and Eucalyptus. Aromatherapy is being widely used nowadays in spas and places for relaxation. This is because according to studies, aromatherapy helps the body relax. Our senses, especially our sense of smell is sensitive, a strong odor, be it good or bad will surely wake you up.

3. Do not work immediately with  a full stomach. Working after eating a lot will eventually make you tired because the body is digesting the food you just took. Digestion plus working your body out into doing something will make you more tired and will lead you to a tendency of falling asleep. It is therefore important not to work with a full stomach after a big meal.

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