3 Tips to Save Money

There are only twelve months in a year and also few holidays on the calendar. When the calendar hits September, the countdown to the best holiday of the year begins. Christmas has always been considered the best time of the year. This is a holiday celebrated by Christians because it is theoretically the day when Jesus Christ was born. It is also celebrated by the non-Christian as part of the culture that majority of the world is celebrating. A lot of things happen during the Christmas season. It is said to be a time of peace, friendship, love, giving, and sharing. With all the love, the giving, and the sharing, celebrating the holidays would become a spending holiday for many people. With the current recession that we are experiencing, all of us are compelled to save up because money does not grow on trees. On that note, here are three tips to help you save money over the holiday season.

Number one tip should be to shop on off seasons. We usually have this notion that when the holiday comes, we should buy things that are in the spirit if the holiday. While there is no harm in that, the better way would be to buy holiday stuff on non holiday occasions. Decorations for example are very cheap when bought during the summer. It also goes the same for wrapping paper and Christmas cards. The only bad thing about buying them off season is that all the good decorations, wrappers, and post cards have all been sold out. If decorations, wrappers, gift cards can be omitted , then why not do it?

Number two tip would have to be booking early. Christmas is about the love and the sharing so what better way to love and share the holidays than to spend it with our family. If your family or love ones are far away from where you live then booking early would save you a lot of money. Christmas season tends to be a time when most people rush to the airport to go to places where they want to be. Being spontaneous and buying the tickets on the day or even a week before the holiday rush would cost you a lot. Plus, the snow and all the bad weather would even cancel some flights. Booking early and if possible leaving early before the holiday rush should always be observed.

Last but equally important tip would be, compare all prices when shopping. Malls and stores usually have sales during the Christmas season. Comparing prices of items with others can help you save up a lot of money. Buying groceries in bulk will also be better than buying in singles or in packs. Also, buying things while they are on sale is not only smart but it is also practical. Be on the look out for stores who are having sales during these season.

The holidays are fast approaching. If you have not done any of the above tips then you must be spending a fortune on all your holiday items. It is never too late to save up, all you need is a little money, and a lot of smarts. Happy holidays!

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