Top 3 Unusual Gifts for Men

Do you want to buy the man in your life a special or memorable present but are in a quandary as to what to get? Well, don’t let that little challenge defeat you as you can find a number of unusual gifts for men that make the usual gifts for men, such as ties or aftershave, pale by comparison.

1. The Tocky Runaway Alarm

For example, one of the unusual gifts for men that might interest you is a runaway alarm clock. This type of timepiece helps those men who tend to run a little late to work or morning activities. One of these clocks is the Nanda brand TOCKO Tocky orange colored robot alarm. If the snooze isn’t hit, then Tocky will leap off the nightstand and roam around the room. Therefore, one has to catch the runaway miscreant in order to quiet his alarm. Made with a plastic case, Tocky can also upload MP3s too. The clock sells for around $70 on the Internet.

Another run away alarm clock – the Hide and Seek – will keep any man on time who has difficulties awaking in the AM. Once the snooze button is hit, this clock will roll and jump off the night table and move around the room before hiding and emitting its alarm again. The alarm clock can leap from heights up to three feet and glides effortlessly on carpet or wood. If you don’t want this clock to run away, simply disable the wheels will keep the clock in its place. The white alarm sells at around $15.00 online.

2. The Floating Radio Bath and Shower Duck

Another unusual gift you might want to consider is the floating radio bath and shower duck. This duck makes it possible for your man to listen to music during a bath or shower. You can select from a duck that changes colors or traditional yellow.

The unique duck has a head that is used to set the volume while the tail on the radio duck is used to select the station. Needless to say, this water-resistant duck is sure to be a memorable present.

4. Buy him an Airplane Kit

If you can afford to fork out a little money, then one of the unusual gifts for men is an airplane kit. We’re not talking about building a model aircraft either, but a genuine airplane that you can fly. For those who are budget-conscious, you can buy such an airplane for less than the price of most vehicles, or around $10,000. One kit, appropriately named the Easy Eagle, is listed at $8,000 online.

Looking like a plane from bygone days, the Easy Eagle comes with a 64 horse power VW engine and can fly at around 100 miles per hour. The durable little plane features a reinforced steel frame and wing made fully of wood. Its tail wheel and landing gear make for “easy” maneuvering. For any man who enjoys aviation or flying, this small yellow plane makes the perfect unusual gift.

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