4 Unique and Elegant Centerpiece Ideas

During wedding celebrations, it is always important to provide an extraordinary type of reception and beautifying the area can help achieve this goal. When it comes to ornaments, a lot of brides want to have those fashionable and elegant centerpiece ideas. Although the use of flowers can be beautiful, they have been used many times in past wedding receptions and may not surprise guests. In order for your reception to stand out, you have to use styles that are beyond excellence and are totally unique. Here are 4 unique and elegant centerpiece ideas:

1.) Strawberries

Strawberry centerpieces are a great choice when used together with some chocolates. But if you want to accompany the strawberries with chocolates, make sure that the chocolates' color matches the theme of the wedding. It can either be brown, white or you can blend it with some coloring.

When chocolates are placed together with the strawberries, the appearance can be exquisite. You can also embellish them with some mint leaves and tea lights. When the reception is over,  guests can be provided with small boxes or baskets to take the strawberries with them.

2.) Cupcakes

Not only are cupcakes extraordinary to see on wedding receptions, guests can also taste them. You can use some cake stands as a way of presenting cupcakes on tables. Furthermore, you can also stack some wine glasses in order to have a raised platter.

An extra touch to give added elegance is by dispersing some small petals of flowers near them. Just make sure that there are enough cupcakes for every guest and some extra so when the reception is finished, everyone can get some cupcakes to take home.

3.) Champagne and Wine

Champagne or wine are undoubtedly elegant during wedding receptions. You can use those buckets made of aluminum or some stainless steel as your wine's containers plus don't forget to surround the bottles with ice to keep them cool. At the end of the reception, your guests will be delighted to take home some wine bottles with them so make sure that every person gets to have one. Moreover, it is strongly suggested to have extra bottles of wine or champagne just in case an unwanted incident leads to breakages.

4.) Wishing Wells

You don't need to have a large budget to be unique. Affordable items for your centerpiece can be found in craft stores, for example, wishing wells can be perfect for the reception. These items can even be enhanced with some flowers that have colors compatible to the wedding theme. In each table, you can provide few pencils accompanied with your names as well as the wedding date so that each guest can have something to write on. You must also have a piece of paper to each pencil which can have the same color to your motif.

Through the paper and the pen, the guest can write his or her wishes to you as well as other recommendations and personal messages that they want to give you. After writing the message, the paper must be inside the wishing well and you can read them when the reception is over.

Elegant centerpiece ideas come in many forms. It is up to you to decide which one you and your partner like the most. Just make sure that they can ensnare the attention of your guests in order for your wedding to remain unforgotten.

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