5 Romantic Birthday Ideas that Will Impress Anyone

Romantic birthday ideas evolve from creativeness and the need to share something of yourself. Therefore, they don’t have to be concepts that involve a lot of money. Just the thoughtfulness alone should help sweep the birthday recipient off their feet.

#1 - Include Favorite Foods and Activities

For example, one of the romantic birthday ideas that is sure to win the recipient over is to make their birthday about them. Include all their favorite things, such as the food they like, their favorite flowers, a favorite sport or activity, a favorite TV show, or a favorite movie. You want to celebrate them and what they mean to you.

#2 – Make a Special Keepsake

Among romantic birthday ideas, sharing in the process of making something is one activity that can be fun as well as worthwhile. Plus, you’ll have a romantic keepsake after you are done. You don’t have to be an expert craftsperson either to enjoy the experience – just the fact you are sharing and doing something together will make the event memorable. The secret is to make an item that you know the birthday recipient will cherish and love, such as a piece of jewelry or pottery.

#3 – Visit a Bed and Breakfast

A birthday gift that will be appreciated too is a visit for the weekend to a Bed and Breakfast. It does not have to be far away either. It can be close to home. Just getting away to a romantic setting will kindle the fire of romance. While it may be nice to whisk the person you love to Paris or London, sometimes the most romantic places can be very close to where you live. A Bed and Breakfast is not a place you visit regularly. Therefore, it will be equally appreciated because, after all, it’s really the thought that counts.

#4 – Cook your Sweetheart a Special Birthday Meal

Although it may be among the more common romantic birthday ideas, it still is regarded highly, and that is cooking a special candlelit dinner for two. It means that much more too if you are not in the habit of preparing a meal. While it may test some people’s skills, you can find a number of menus online that should help you out just a bit. Plus, using fine china and silver, like they do in a fine restaurant, will lend a magical, romantic touch as well.

Just to give you an idea, recipes that are healthy and simple can still be prepared which will impress your partner or spouse. For instance, stewed chicken and vegetables with baked apples and cottage cheese is an easy menu plan as is cream of mushroom soup served with broccoli and red peppers. Another easy menu is shrimp salad combined with an entrée of egg-plant roasted with mixed vegetables. Beef steaks also go well with spinach stewed with onions and tomatoes. As you can see, a romantic birthday meal does not necessarily have to be complicated.

#5 – Make a Sacrifice

Making a sacrifice is also a romantic idea that is sure to win your spouse’s or partner’s heart. For example, does your significant other like the ballet and you, yourself, can’t stand the activity? Well, make her birthday really special and buy tickets to the event. Or, maybe your husband loves monster trucks but you tend to shy away from going to such a show. For his birthday, make the sacrifice and go with him, this time, to the event even if you’d rather stay at home.

Hopefully, you can use some of the above-mentioned birthday ideas, or they will spark you with the inspiration for your own romantic gift ideas for your spouse’s or partner’s birthday.

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