5 Self-Esteem Activities that Anyone Can Do

Self-esteem Activities for Both Adults and Kids

Self-esteem activities for adults and self-esteem activities for kids can be combined into self-esteem activities that the family can participate in too. Below are five such activities that you can practice in your own home, or incorporate in your classroom if you are a teacher.

#1 – Create a Brochure

One activity that can be easily played out by a family of four or more includes making a brochure about each member in the family. You will need a regular standard sheet of paper that is brightly colored, a paperclip, and markers for each participant. This activity not only serves to boost one’s confidence, it is also meant to produce a positive image of each member to the others in the family or group. Begin the activity by folding the standard-sized paper in threes, or in the format of a brochure.

Inside this brochure, all the participants will write out their positive attributes or preferences from a list. Categories might include, “My favorite hobby,” “My favorite TV show,” “My best character trait,” etc. Choose about ten categories from the list and make each statement positive. After this part of the exercise, everyone will re-fold the brochure and paperclip it. Each individual will then pass the paper to the person sitting on their right-hand side. The recipient will write something about the person, without opening the brochure, which is positive on the back.

Afterwards, the participants can discuss how they felt about the compliments they received, or if they were surprised. This exercise helps children, especially, develop better feelings of self-worth and look at others more constructively.

#2 - The Importance of Friendship

In the next self-esteem activity, parents are asked to talk to their children about advertising and its purpose to persuade or convey a message in a visual sense with words. For example, they might say that ads are meant to produce positive images of a product, which, in turn, convinces an individual to also purchase the item.

In this particular activity then, the participants are asked to develop an advertising campaign for themselves in an attempt to convince people why they should be their friend. Participants can use persuasion in the form of pictures of themselves, words, or by combining “ad copy” with pictures.

If your kids have a hard time with this project, ask them to think about the traits they, themselves, like in a friend. Thereafter, all the family members or participants can share their advertisement. Use this activity as a way to affirm you children’s positive traits.

#3 - A Magic Trick

Yet, another self-esteem activity that is quite fun is called “Black Magic.” Two individuals in a group will present this “Black Magic” trick. One of the two individuals leaves the room and is designated as a “mind reader.” The other individual then tells the group that the “mind reader” will be able to guess one object they select in the room.

When the “mind reader” returns, he does, indeed, guess the object. But he does not do so until the other person asks him a series of questions. For instance, he might ask, “Is it the curtains?” “Is it her shoes?” “Is it the book?” . . . etc., etc. The “mind reader” knows what the object happens to be as it follows an object that is “black” – thus, the name for the activity (“black magic”).

This activity can lead group participants or family members to discuss communication and self-esteem, especially with respect to communicating non-verbally.

#4 – Creating a Challenge

Another self-esteem activity includes creating a challenge. Participants separate into two teams. In this self-esteem activity, the challenger must use concise communication and cannot use any trick challenges. For example, challenges can include throwing the most crumpled balls of paper into a waste basket or doing the most push-ups, etc. These challenges teach participants to laugh and feel good about themselves while developing skills in a fun inventive way.

#5 – Striking a Good Chord with a Billy Joel Tune

“Just the Way you Are” is another self-esteem activity that promotes better feelings about others among peers and family members. Discuss the lyrics of the Billy Joel song, “Just the Way you Are.” After the discussion, each group participant will write their name on a piece of paper. They will then pass this paper to the person on their right, and continue to do so until each person has written two or three positive statements about the person whose name is written on each piece of paper. After everyone has written down their descriptions, group members will discuss their reactions and feelings.

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