5 Team Building Activities for Kids

Learning Co-operation and Sharing

Team building teaches cooperation and builds social skills. It is instrumental in solving conflicts in a positive manner. Therefore, team building activities for kids inspires kids team building skills that teach cooperation and sharing. As a result, team building activities should be part of any public or private school’s curriculum.

#1 Team Builder – “Spud”

One especially fun activity that is one of the team building activities for kids is the game of “Spud.” To initiate the game, each player is assigned a number. Next, one person is designated to throw a ball up in the air as high as they can and call out a number. The person who has the called-out number must catch the ball and shout out “Spud!” Once they call out “Spud!” all the players must stand stock still. At that point, the player with the ball is allowed to take three large steps towards one of the frozen participants.

The student that is targeted can move any part of the body to avoid being hit by the ball. However, he isn’t allowed to move his feet. If he is struck with the ball, then he will receive the first letter of the word, “Spud,” or the letter “S.” Likewise, he will become the new thrower. However, if the person who is throwing the ball misses, then he will obtain the letter “S” in “Spud.” Play continues in this fashion until one of the players obtains all the letters and is officially eliminated from the game.

#2 Team Builder – “I’ll Be Your Guide”

Another game that builds kids team building skills is a game called “I’ll be your Guide.” This particular activity helps children develop good verbal and listening skills. To undertake the activity, an obstacle course is established. Kids are partnered where one of the kids is blindfolded. The student who volunteers to be the guide of the blindfolded student provides the directions for the participant to get around in the maze. This challenge, more difficult that you might imagine, is a fun way to communicate more clearly.

#3 Team Builder – “The Compliment Game”

One of the other team building activities for kids is a positive game called the “Compliment Game.” In this activity, children are each given a piece of paper on which they write their name. The students then go to each desk and write a compliment to that person. This type of game is not only great for team-building but helps students come up with positive, descriptive phrases, concentrating on the good traits of the individuals they meet.

#4 Team Builder – The “Never Have I Ever” Game

Kids team building skills can also be developed with the game called “Never Have I Ever.” In this game, students will all congregate and sit in a circle. Ask the kids to place their hands with fingers outstretched in front of them on the floor. Each student in the circle will relate something they have not done before. For instance, they might say, “Never have I ever ridden a roller coaster. If anyone in the circle has, for example, ridden a roller coaster, they must hide one of their fingers. This team-building game is a constructive way for children to socially get to know more about each other.

#5 Team Builder – “Meet Me Bingo”

“Meet Me Bingo” is another team-building game that enables students to become better acquainted with one another. Have kids make up bingo cards, but tell them to include phrases about themselves, such as “I don’t like spinach,” or “I enjoy soccer.” The concept of the game is for students to ask other students about the phrases included on their bingo cards. If a student is interviewed about certain likes and dislikes that fall in the format of a bingo pattern, then he will follow suit by yelling out “Bingo.” Like the “Never Have I Ever” team-building game, “Meet Me Bingo,” will aid children to know each other better socially.

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