5 Things To Remember About Silk Pillow Cases

It can sometimes be difficult to say which is a good silk pillow case and which ones are bad. For those who may not know much about them, there are a couple of concerns that they should take into account before shopping for the best silk pillow cases. Here are the five things that they need to know.

Most of the mulberry silk all over the world is made from silkworms fed mulberry leaves while some others are made with a different sequence. If you want your hair and face to get all the comfort that they can, choosing mulberry silk would be best.

Charmeuse is a lightweight material that is made of a fabric that’s less luxurious such as cotton. If satin is your target, you should pick this type of pillowcase. In some instances, it is mixed with other methods that and materials.

Momme is the unit used for describing a silk thread’s weight. Its weight is not mostly advertised by manufacturers but it is important that you are aware of the ideal number of weight. 16-19 is said to be of better quality for a momme weight compared with the others.

When it comes to the thread count, 400 and above are the most ideal ones. When you want to find out if you’re looking at the right silk pillow case, you need to get the feel of it on your skin. An ideal pillow case would feel like liquid. But if it does not, then you might want to look further.

Finding out the feel of silk pillowcases before buying them is very important. This will enable you to be sure about your choice. If they don’t feel smooth or silky, you need to look further.

By taking all these concerns into account, you are putting yourself on the right spot to finding the best types of silk pillow cases. If the silk pillow case feels good on your skin like never before, then you’re on the right track.

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