8 Tips to Help You Start Running

Running is often associated with the words like hard, painful, uncomfortable and so on. On the other hand, there are so many benefits and you shouldn’t miss out on it. If you are a beginner or if you are just struggling with running and need motivation you’ve come to the right place. We are going to give you our best tips on how to get your head right and start running.

1. Motivation

You need a reason for why you should go out and run. Whether it’s rock hard abs for the summer or improve your health to be able to stay alive longer it should be important to you. Many people have specific events that they train to, but for regular people that aren’t athletes this is rather uncommon.

2. Sign Up for an Event

Which brings us to the next point, signing up for and event. This can be done for motivational purposes or just because it’s fun. It doesn’t have to be a competition, but more a recreational activity if that’s what you want.  If you absolutely don’t want to sign up for something like this, make your own personal goal. This could be a new 3-mile record or a relatively hard hiking trip you would like to achieve, depending on the condition you’re in.

3. Proper Running Shoes

We can’t emphasize this enough. Not only does running get much more pleasant and comfortable short term, but also chances of long-term injuries are greatly reduced. Extra cushioning is especially important for those with extra weight. We recommend a shoe from Asics, especially Asics Nimbus 12 which has excellent cushioning is not too expensive.

4. Start Slow

It’s important to set low goals in the beginning. The priority should be to go out running a specific number of times a week. Later, increase this in terms of performance.

5. Track Progress

This one is connected to the previous. Tracking progress and regularly setting new goals are important for progress. Get in the habit of writing down when you go for a run, and after a while also include data like distance and time.

6. Music

Whether you are running alone or not, music can greatly affect your performance. Make a playlist with songs that put you in the zone to perform your best, not just a random running playlist online. Get a decent pair of headphones that can handle running. Some are built specifically for this purpose. Look through some reviews online such as best headphones for running to get a picture over the best brands and models .

7. Friend or Fitness Club

It’s easier to stay motivated if you have a friend or a fitness club to help you through the process. This might be a friend in the same situation as you, or maybe a personal trainer at the gym. Running shouldn’t be just sweat and pain, but something you look forward to.

8. Online Community

There are many online communities out there for many purposes. Whether you are looking for loosing weight or increasing your running endurance there should be someone in the world in the same situation.

There are so many benefits with running a couple of weeks that no one should miss out on them.  We hope these tips will give you a boost in motivation and hopefully keep it up.

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