A Brief Overview of the Lobster Tennis Ball Machines

If you've ever thought about getting a tennis ball machine, then you've most certainly heard of the Lobster tennis ball machines. This company is one of the best known ball machine manufacturers and has a full lineup of machines that all offer just a slightly different practice experience. So if you'd like to learn more about the Lobster ball machines and which one would be right for you, check out our Lobster tennis machines review.

Most all of Lobster's models are built around the same chassis and therefore share a number of similar features. Things like oversized wheels for easy travel through grass and gravel, collapsible handle and reversible hopper for compact portability are all standard. Where the models become different is in the user experience.

Lobster Elite Freedom - The introductory model is the Elite Freedom which uses the Lobster technology to provide all of the basics of a tennis ball machine. The model has ball speed, spin control, ball frequency as well as a horizontal oscillation mode that allows you to both practice stationary shots as well as side to side work.

Lobster Elite 2 - The Lobster Elite 2 tennis ball machine is the next model up that provides all of the above features but also adds a vertical oscillation feature. This additional feature provides for a more intense workout because it can place the ball anywhere on the court.

Lobster Elite 3 - The Lobster Elite 3 has all of the features of the Elite 2 but now includes a dual position horizontal oscillation. This additional oscillation is designed for doubles practice and is great for coaches, but has the added benefit of making you practice your judgment calls at the line.

Lobster Grand Slam IV - The Grand Slam IV is the first of the premium tennis ball machines and has an upgraded computer that provides better usability as well as the ability to program in sequences for drills and lifelike match play. This model also accepts both a two button and more advanced 16 button remote.

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