A Guide to 4g Technology

With the introduction of 3g, everyone can surely conclude that mobile telecommunications have evolved. As the development of 4g technology commenced, let's have a flashback of how mobile services started and continued to rise year after year.

It was only a few decades ago when the 1g or first generation mobile phones were introduced in the market. However during that time, you can never imagine an internet connection to be that reachable with just using cellular phones and even signals are not that accurate. Moreover, you couldn't imagine the evolution of those simple analog phones that were only applicable for voice calls as they progressed further to a digital system that is qualified for internet access. Indeed, this improvement is one of the great modifications that technology has accomplished.

After the introduction of the 1g, the 2g and the 3g followed and little by little, mobile technology began to prove to the world that they can do more than just voice calls and simple text messages.

Many people believe that the use of 4g technology would be overwhelming. However, you don't have to be elite in mobile technology to adapt to what 4g can provide. Perhaps the unique feature that this new generation has acquired is the full cellular status utility. This means that unlike 3g, 4g technology is now capable of connecting to the internet in one area and go to a new area without any interruptions from the signals. The primary justification as to how this process is possible is because these smooth connections are entirely based on internet protocol wherein the connection speed is measured in Mbps instead of using Kbps. Furthermore, the coverage area is also larger making internet connection faster than before. Also, the cost of transmitting data is considered to be more cost effective as well.

For individuals who have been using 3g technology for a long time, this can be a great opportunity to switch to 4g technology since they could no longer experience those irksome limited time on using the internet. Typically, 3g services only limit the users to about five gigs per month. Fortunately, 4g technology can endow full access to internet users anytime and anywhere.

In 3g networks, the technological services that are available are not that ready to support the increasing demand of internet connection using mobile units. Nowadays, the number of individuals using mobile phones to get access to the internet is skyrocketing. But as this number escalates, the connection speed of the internet plummets. As more and more people relinquish the 3g services, majority of them have switched to 4g technology and prefer it since the internet connections are beyond excellence.

With the use of 4g technology, internet connections that have high volume traffic can be easily managed and without experiencing technical problems. You can also guarantee lesser waiting periods as the connection speed of the internet is definitely superior. But perhaps the best thing about using 4g technology is that you get the whole package wherein the internet is truly unlimited whilst the monthly fees are economical.

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