A Guide to the Latest Liposuction Procedures

In this day and age, it is not uncommon for people to receive liposuction surgery. You can find liposuction in London, Chicago, Florida and in almost every developed city. Due to such strong market demand, there have been many advanced techniques being make available. These new procedures claimed to be superior to what is currently available, which has piqued the interest of many potential patients. However, the many choices might be confusing to some people. Hence, the article below attempts to make clear the differences between some of the more popular liposuction procedures.

Begin we commence, it is good to know that most of these new techniques uses a wetting solution. The reason for doing so is to lessen the effect of the fat extraction process. How the various procedures differs is in the way the wetting process is applied.

The first procedure we are introducing is called laser liposuction. In this process, surgeons will leverage on a plastic optic to release energy from the laser. Due to laser being so targeted, there is less bruising and internal injuries. That being said, laser lipo can still cause injuries if the surgeon has little experienced using a laser.

A more sophisticated version of laser liposuction has recently been launched called slim liposuction. It is an advancement over laser lipo after being worked on for years in the research phase. When you compared the two techniques, slim lipo is able to release more heat energy relative to laser lipo due to with its wider area of emission. This wider area implies that the power of the laser can be minimized, which lessens the odds of sustaining any burns from the laser.

A more different approached has been introduced by a new technique called water liposuction. It uses a high pressure water jet to liquify the fats before the fat extraction. This water liposuction technique is currently only available in Europe and has not been established in US. As a result, there is less support for this procedure due to a lack of information and reviews from real customers.

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