A Sample Breastfeeding Diet To Help You Stay Healthy

Every new born baby needs to be breastfed the first few month of his life, and his mother should take care of his needs, those needs include a better diet that goes a long way to meet his daily needs of vitamins and minerals.

During the whole day, the new mom produces up to 27 ounces of milk, this process requires a lot of energy, which expends the amount of calories intake up to 500 calories more than the usual.

There are good healthy ways to go about a diet and then there are the bad ways, increasing the calorie intake don’t mean to go recklessly about it, it has to be according to a certain predetermined plan, next we will present a sample breastfeeding diet that is a little bit more detailed, and gives a general idea about the right things to include in your diet.

The new mom has to find her own special diet that meets the needs of her little one as well as hers, but there are a lot of tips that can be included in all types of diets, the following are some of them:

Drinking a lot of water: since water goes directly to the milk making process, its quantity must be more than the quantity a no breastfeeding women.

Take zinc supplements: during the pregnancy and the nursing period, it is always registered that the new mom lacks zinc, and the advised amount is 15 to 20 milligrams per day.

Eat food containing vitamin B9:taking the pill make the woman lack in vitamin B9 and vitamin B6, those two vitamins are vital to the baby’s development, particularly his nervous system, to erase this deficit, it is advised to just keep taking pre-natal vitamins.

Other than providing all the baby’s needs, there is another great thing about breastfeeding; it’s that the women can easily get rude of the pregnancy weight.

How to lose weight while breastfeeding?

To lose weight while breastfeeding is easily achievable by simply making a plan and then sticking to it no matter what, but as we all know there is no general rule for dieting , everyone has a different body type which means that a diet that’s going to see the extra weight melting away for one won’t work for another, that’s the reason one should elaborate his own personal diet and then keep to it.

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