A World Map Poster Has Many Creative Uses

When one thinks about a world map poster, a scene of a classroom with a pull down map over a chalkboard might come to mind. While world maps are great teaching tools, there are many other uses for a small world map poster or a large world map poster. The following are a few great uses for world map posters and large world map posters.

A world map poster can be put to traditional use such as teaching about locations of various countries and as a springboard for discussion about cultural and ethnic issues. It is useful for sharing information about current events. A large world map poster can be used as a creative game board for playing games that reinforce learning in any class where geography or current events are taught. A world map poster can be taped to the floor for a bean bag toss game. Each participant tosses a bean bag and provides an interesting fact about the country where his or her bean bag lands.

If a backdrop or unique decoration is needed for a party with an international theme, a large world map poster can be used. A large world map poster could also be used as a small table cover. This type of map could also be mounted on a wall and used for an icebreaker activity. Attendees at a meeting or party could place pushpins in a large world map poster to indicate the places where they have lived or visited. This activity could spark some interesting conversations.

Last but not least a world map poster could double as a colorful piece of art work for a home or office. It would cost less than a traditional painting and could double as an interesting conversation piece. Placed in a moderately priced dark wood frame, a colorful world map poster would be a lovely addition to almost any home or office.

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