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The region of Kerala in India is well known for its film industry. It is the main producer of Malayalam Movies, which are named so because they are made in Kerala's regional dialect, Malayalam. These two names, Kerala Movies and Malayalam Movies are often used interchangeably but "Malayalam Movies" can include films that were not produced in Kerala but were still made in the Malayalam language.

The themes of Malayalam Movies are very similar to those of other Indian movies with the exception that they are consider more sensible and less pretentious than the work of other Indian Film Industries like the Chennai Film Industry which produces Tamil Movies.

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The first thing worth mentioning about this film is that in 1997, Guru was entered into the Oscars as a representative of the Indian Film Industry. It is the only Malayalm film ever to do so to date.

The focus of Guru is the ever increasing tension that is building between Muslims and Hindus. When things start to be get out of hand, one Hindu man has a vision and a revelation which might save them all.

Pazhassi Raja

Another important Malayalam film is Pazhassi Raja, which is particularly recognized for being the highest expense move ever produced by the Kerala Film Industry.

Kaazhcha (2004)

Kaazhcha is an movie about Pavan, a young boy who loses everything in a savage earthquake and moves to Kerala where he becomes a beggar. After spending some times in the streets, he runs into a man named Madhavan, who despite a rocky beginning, grows to like Pavan and brings him into his family. The bliss doesn't last long, however, as Pavan is ordered by his government to return home, leaving his new family behind. Will they all cope with losing their new son? Happy Watching!

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