Amazon Kindle Handheld Ebook Reader – User Expectations

Amazon redefined the way we read books by gifting us with electronic hand help readers. Since the launch of Kindle in 2007, Amazon has come up with two new versions taking the reading experience to a newer level with each release. It is therefore natural for us to await the release of the Amazon Kindle 4 with bated breath in order to find out what new we can expect from the upcoming model.

There is still some time for kindle 4 to be released, but kindle 3 is already available in the markets. One can log on to the internet to find best price Kindle 3 deals online before making their purchase. Kindle 3 is one of the most popular electronic reading devices available right now, but hopefully, Kindle 4 will surpass it in popularity when it arrives in the market.

We are aware that Amazon will look at incorporating newer technologies into the device keeping in mind popular choice and market demand. It will also look to refine certain features in order to make the device friendlier. However, there are certain features we hope the new reader still retains.

Some of them are:

  • Amazon should look to keep the Kindle as a dedicated electronic book reader. Having a few games and access to the web is okay as long as Kindle remains a tool meant for reading.
  • In order to incorporate advanced technologies, Amazon should not compromise on the battery life of Kindle 4. The fact that it has an amazing battery life is one of its standout features and Amazon should look at designing a device which incorporates newer technologies without sacrificing on the Kindle’s battery life.
  • Kindle 4 should be light, compact and portable. A marginal increase in size works, but it should not be very bulky to carry around, like some of the latest electronic readers which we see in the markets.

Lastly we hope that like the previous three versions, Kindle 4 is unique and a trend setter for the electronic reading devices of the future, providing reading aficionados an even more pleasurable reading experience.

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