An Introduction to Horary Astrology

Many people are under the wrong impression that astrology is about horoscopes, matchmaking and pseudo-psychological readings.  Regardless of your own opinion about the subject, it may surprise you to know that astrology has other uses -- lesser known, but perhaps more useful. One of the most practical of them all is getting answers to common everyday questions. This is known as horary astrology.

According to astrologers, every moment on earth is mirrored in the patterns in the sky for that time. When you ask a question, the heavens captures a picture of that question at that exact time. A horary astrologer reads such a chart to find the answer to the question. So in other words, horary astrology is the study of the birth charts of questions!

Horary can answer many kinds of questions, such as:

  1. Whether a car is in good condition or not:  Good to ask when you are shopping for a new vehicle.
  2. If one will get married this year: Probably the most commonly asked question!
  3. Where to find a missing pet or precious item:  One can also ask about missing persons.
  4. Whether a plan is going to work out or not:  Before you start a new business, you might want to know if it stands a good chance of being profitable.
  5. Whether one will get accepted for a job or at a school: If you can't wait for the letter to arrive.
  6. If a sick relative will be okay:  Yes, you can ask if someone is going to die from the illness or not.
  7. What may be causing a health problem:  The astrologer must be familiar with medical astrology though.
  8. Whether one will get the house or not. You can also ask about the price of the house, its condition, the attitude of the seller or buyer,  etc.
  9. Whether or not a rumor is true: Or a report, or a prediction, etc.

Naturally there are things horary cannot answer, such as:

  1. Lottery questions
  2. Silly or trivial questions
  3. Questions that are meant only to "test" the astrologer

One of the beauties of horary astrology is that it is easily provable. The astrologer or you is either right or wrong, nothing in-between.

You can learn to do horary for yourself, but it would be much easier to pay an astrologer and ask him or her your question instead. If you do it yourself, you can search for an astrology software download that includes horary features, like Janus software. But unlike horoscope readings, horary answers can never be computer-generated. It takes a real astrologer to do it.

Of all books on astrology of this type, the most important are the works of William Lilly, a British astrologer who is said to have predicted the Great Fire of London with such accuracy that he was accused of starting it.  Horary astrology is very different from modern natal astrology, and is much harder to learn due to its many rules. There is none of the psychological stuff that one finds in today's astrology, and may come across as fatalistic to some.

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