Another Frustrating Summer Of Job Hunting In 2011?

When an older teenager goes out job hunting for the first time, they might be in for a bit of a rude awakening. Summer jobs for 17 year olds will soon be in high demand and those who wait too long to start looking may never get hired anywhere.

A lot of teenagers have no idea just how much they are affected by the bad economy. It is not until they start looking for their first job that they begin to realize that no one owes them a job. Many mistakenly believe that if you are willing to work you will be able to find a job. While that might have been true in years past it is certainly not true in today's economy.

Jobs for 17 year olds can be lots of different things but most of those will be lower paying minimum wage jobs. In a normal year that kind of job might be there waiting for teenagers but in 2011 it probably won't be. President Obama has been able to do nothing to increase unemployment and the jobs situation has gotten worse since he has been in office. This means teenagers are in the unenviable spot of being one of the last to be hired.

This is a buyers market and what that means is that employers have lots of choices when it comes to job applicants. Most jobs that are available have dozens of people applying for every job. What this means is that employers have the luxury of being able to hire only the best qualified and this usually rules out teenagers.

It is an especially frustrating time for teens as many of them don't have any work experience and find no way to get that initial job. Every employer loves to see a good job history and that is the one thing most teenagers lack because they are so young.

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