Antique Pocket Watches – Sophisticated and Timeless Collector’s Items

In the ancient times, people used to tell time with the position of the sun. They used a lot of devices such sticks and sundials to use the shadow to indicate the time of the day. Since this method was inaccurate and it did not work without the presence of the sun, people had to use another method. With the increased need to know the time and the discovery of the element quartz, pocket watches were invented.

Pocket watches were very popular in the old days. They were very sought after by people and it sometimes determined the social status of a person owning it. These timepieces did not come cheap in the early days because they were hard to produce and the materials were very expensive. These watches were made in either real gold or real silver and the weight of the time piece is sometimes used to determine its value. In order for these watches to be carried around conveniently, every watch came with an accompanying chain attached with a couple of clips. The chain and clip enabled the user to secure the watch in the pocket by clipping the chain unto the clothing. These time pieces were so popular during the day that they were also made as common gifts to give to people of higher ranks of society. If you would compare these timepieces to the items of today, their worth would be equivalent to our mobile phones.

Since watches have evolved so much with the advancement of science and technology, people do not have the need for pocket watches anymore because we can now use wrist watches. These pocket watches were developed during the 16th century but after the First World War, wrist watches were the famous ones used. Now that wrist watches have become so common, people have now reverted their attention back to the antique pocket watches.

When a certain object reaches a certain age, it gains enough worth and value that they may be considered as collectible items. This is exactly what is happening to the antique pocket watches. Pocket watches are no longer manufactured which is why each pocket watch you see today has a very expensive price tag attached to it. Some people would even travel around the world to search for antique pocket watches. The value and worth of every watch is determined by the age of the watch, the maker, the materials used in production, and its overall condition through time. These watches are no longer sold in local stores and the only place that they are available is on auctions or specialist websites.

There is a limited supply of genuine pocket watches from past eras left in the world which is they are sought after collector's items. It may be an expensive item to collect but having these timepieces at home for collection will truly make you feel like you are traveling back in time.

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