Are eCigarettes Effective Stop Smoking Aids

There is no real easy answer as to if the ecigarette is the best method to quit smoking, those who agree with this product often make statements like-

'There are zero harmful toxins in an ecigarette!' (This is not really the case but close, there is still a small amount of certain harmful chemicals involved)

'Giving up cigarettes is not a problem when using these types of stop smoking aids.' (This is only partially true as you still need to kick your nicotine habit at some stage)

'You will no longer suffer from the problems with bad breath related to smoking.' (This one you have to give them, very true!)

Not so good factors about using ecigarettes-

'You will always be a nicotine addict for as long as you keep pumping it into your system using stop smoking aids that utilize nicotine!' (This is a problem, giving up the nicotine addiction is the toughest part for sure)

'Would you help an alcoholic to quit drinking by giving him alcohol? Why give a smoker nicotine?' (Alcoholism and smoking are a different ball game and should not be compared, treatment for different addictions will require a different approach entirely)

Is it in your best interest to try using ecigarettes for yourself?

I'd just like to state that the new idea that seems to be doing the rounds that using this kind of stop smoking aid is also somehow hip, and the in thing to do should be ignored. I have no idea where this idea came from but I just pray that it is not a marketing gimmick to get youngsters hooked on nicotine and paying out their money in a new form of legal drug dealing. Steer well clear if you have never smoked cigarettes in your life!

If you are a heavy smoker with health problems and need to see immediate improvement the I would suggest you try ecigarettes if you have tried other methods and failed. Cutting out all the other toxins can only help. Lighter smoker I suggest seeing your family doctor to see if there is another method at your disposal that can get you off the nicotine completely.

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