Are More expensive Hair Straighteners Better For Your Hair?

There are so many different makes and models of hair straighteners out there, it can be hard to know which to go for. With such a big price difference between various brands, does spending more really get you a better product? Is it worth spending that bit extra on your hair straighteners?

A massive amount of us own hair straighteners and use them regularly, even every day, but this has come at a cost to our hair. If you love having poker straight hair, you may have avoided chemical straightening systems due to the potential for major damage, plus the cost of permanent hair straightening can be pretty high. Even the very best hair straightener is going to cause some damage though, and more and more of us are ending up with dry, frazzled hair from overuse of our beloved hair straighteners. When choosing straighteners, it really is worth spending that bit more for models that will cause minimum damage to your poor hair.

What are the plates made from?
When it comes to damage limitation, you need to pay close attention to the material the plates are made from. Very cheap straighteners usually have metal or coated metal plates that can be slow at heating up, hold their temperature unevenly and can pull at your hair as you straighten.

Today most hair straighteners have ceramic plates which are a far better bet, as they heat up much quicker, are smoother to glide over your hair and hold their temperature much more evenly. Even better for your hair than these though are tourmaline plates, where tourmaline has been infused into the ceramic. Why are they better? Tourmaline generates far more negative ions than ceramic alone, and these negative ions neutralise the positive charges found in damaged hair. This reduces static in the hair and helps to seal in moisture, leaving your hair looking shinier.

Tourmaline also emits far infra red rays that penetrate the hair to heat it from the inside out, making heating much more efficient so that damage is reduced.

Variable temperature control
It's also worth looking out for a temperature control on your straighteners. Hair actually can't withstand temperatures of more than about 180C, and heat protection sprays only prevent the very worst of the damage. Regular exposure to temperatures of 220C and above is going to damage and dry out your hair, so it's worth spending a little more to make sure you can control how hot your straighteners get to minimise damage.

Other useful features
Other features it's worth paying extra for include safety features like automatic power-off if your straighteners are left on over a set amount of time, so you don't have to worry that you might have accidentally left them on half-way through the day! Lightweight models will leave your arms less tired during styling, and swivel cords will stop you from getting in a tangle as you straighten.

So although you don't necessarily need to pay top whack for one of the big brands, it really is worth spending that bit more on your next hair straighteners to minimise damage to your hair. Look out for safety features and go for tourmaline plates if you can that will be far gentler.

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