Article Builder Review – My Experience (and Special Bonus)

If you have been creating websites for the past few years then you have no doubt heard of the name Jon Leger. He is the creator behind well known Internet marketing software such as The Best Spinner, Instant Article Wizard and the lesser known Keyword Snatcher. As you will have probably already guessed, I have used all three of these applications and they are all great. But now there is another application - Article Builder.

Is It A Scam?

As I was a past customer, I received an email from Jon about a new software he was developing called Article Builder. It was a cleverly disguised pre-sell. It was an email with a link that lead me to his blog which detailed a case study that aimed to answer the popular question - "Do links from duplicate content count?".

Are links from unique content more powerful than those from duplicate content? The case study detailed two websites that aimed to rank for the low competition phrase "best walking program for weight loss". Both sites had one unique article on the front page and the only difference was that one site would get links from unique content and the other would get links from duplicate content.

The winner was the site that that got links from unique content. In fact, it was a clear winner. As of right now it ranks #6 in Google whereas the other site does not rank at all. I did a little digging and it looks like a category page of the duplicate site is ranking on page 4 of the Google rankings which leads to me believe that the homepage may have been penalized for the term due to the duplicate content from the links. Interesting.

At this point I was sold so I decided to purchase it. Here is my article builder review based on my experiences and knowledge of link building:

What Is Article Builder?

The links for the winning case study site were built using articles from the Article Builder claims to be a push button software that allows you to generate unique content with one click. This sounds too good to be true and unfortunately it is. The content that it generates may be unique through the search engines eyes but it is actually built up from thousands of human handwritten sentences organized differently so that each article appears unique. Sentences may be reused but it is almost impossible for all the sentences to be arranged the same way twice - Article Builder claims a uniqueness of around 75% -90%.

>>> View the Demo Video <<<


  1. It creates unique and human readable articles with one click
  2. Create up to 250 unique articles per day/links
  3. Create high quality long articles (up to 1000 words)
  4. A lot cheaper (per article cost) than outsourcing unique articles for link building
  5. Ability to download the "super spun" articles
  6. Cheaper and higher quality than spun articles
  7. API available to hook into self made applications
  8. New article topics added weekly
  9. Ability to request article topics for free
  10. No monthly fee


  1. Oversaturation of members may cause a loss in effectiveness in the future
  2. Limitations due to the number of topics available (although this is growing)

Current Article Topics Available

There are over 60 different topics available but the number of topics available can be a limitation for some. You may have a site on yoga and there may not be any yoga related articles available. However, one way that I've got around this is to think laterally and instead of looking for yoga articles, the links can come from fitness or weight loss articles with a self-written paragraph about yoga as a weight loss or fitness method.

Fortunately, you may not need to use this technique as the article topics will be growing by the week and you can request your own. After the first two weeks of joining Article Builder, there has already been 5 new article topics added.

Article Quality and Uniqueness

It is important to define duplicate content so that it clear that we know what types of links search engines will ignore. Duplicate content also includes poorly spun articles (i.e. articles with no differences in sentence structure, number of paragraphs, images etc). It also includes poorly written 500 word articles from writers (i.e. very similar to other articles on the Internet but just rewritten)

From my own experience of using article builder, the links that it creates provide value and some have even showed page rank instead of the N/A indication that is often shown with spun articles. This tells me that Google is not only indexing the articles but also considers it to be worthy or crawling more often than a lower quality article.

The articles that I have generated from Article Builder have all been over 90% unique according to Copyscape and are highly readable with no grammatical or spelling errors. They actually provide some good information and with some editing I would even consider putting them on my own sites.

Comparison to Alternatives

I used to spend hours spinning articles and I must admit, I found the process tedious and boring. It felt like such a waste of time and really took away time from more valuable tasks such as research and site building. I also felt that I was hitting diminishing returns as the spun article seemed to start losing their effectiveness and also made ranking penalties more likely (anchor texts, link velocity and quality of link sources). Due to this, I decided to drop article spinning altogether. Spinning articles can be successful but nowadays you would need to be spend hours spinning them to a high true uniqueness. Spun articles bought from providers are usually poor quality and you will probably have over $20 for a decent one.

After one year of article spinning, I decided to try outsourcing unique articles. This was much easier and less work but the costs were mounting up as each article cost around $5 for a 500 word article which meant just a handful of links would run you to a few hundred dollars easily. Also, not all of the articles were effective for link building as most were just rehashed versions of things that were already on the Internet - Google's new algorithm can spot these types of article easily.

With article builder, I don't have to waste time spinning articles or spend hundreds of dollars outsourcing low quality articles. With just one click, I can generate a great article of up to 1000 words and upload it to any number of article directories, blogs or web 2.0 sites. Also, you can spend 5 minutes adding subheadings, merging paragraphs and adding images just to give the article an extra human touch for added uniqueness.

Final Thoughts

Search engines are getting more proactive about duplicate content as demonstrated in the case study and methods that used to work 2 years ago no longer work today. Rankings and links are judged by unique content and for people who build sites that target low competition keywords for relatively low earnings ($100 - $200 per month) it is not economical to spend $5 on a decent unique article for a link that will actually count. For example, 100 links would run you to $500 and even if you could get the article cost down to $3 or $4 that is still a lot of money to invest into a site which still may not rank well if you have not researched your competition properly. In fact, it's an easy way to lose thousands of dollars in a few months.

This is why I think article builder is probably one of the most useful tools that I currently use.  I estimate that I have already saved a few hundred dollars and this will probably be thousands by the end of the year as I normally spend a few hundred dollars each month on backlink articles. Using article builder, the cost of a high quality and unique article for me is less than 80 cents.

Try Article Builder Risk-Free for 30 Days

*** Special Bonus: For a limited time only,  I will offer a $50 discount to Article Builder. All you have to do is purchase from the link above and leave a comment with your paypal address and purchase transaction id below (it will not be shown publicly) after 30 days of purchase and I will send you $50. ****

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