Article Marketing Tips – Is Your Article Marketing Strategy Working?

Article marketing is probably one of the simplest ways to get traffic to your website. No only do articles attract visitors from other sites, they can also increase your search engine rankings. This article will explain the what has changed in the article marketing landscape and what you can do to make your article marketing strategy more effective this year.

Article Marketing - Handling The Changes

Article marketing has changed since the early days and some techniques are not as effective as they once were. For example, article syndication and distribution networks which blast your articles to thousands of blogs filled with duplicate content is no longer as effective as it once was. In fact, if you use this strategy now (especially on a newer site) it is very likely you will receive a ranking penalty to the detriment of your site. This is due to these unnatural factors:

  • Links from duplicate content
  • Links from sites filled with duplicate content
  • A lot of links from unrelated sites
  • A large number of links to a new site at once (link velocity)
  • Links using the same anchor texts over and over again

How to Do Article Marketing and Gain Results Quickly

Nowadays, the focus is on high quality content for the long term sustainability of sites. Due to this it is recommended that you write unique articles to post onto article directories as those types of links will have the best effects. Your anchor texts should be varied and also point to the most relevant pages on your site.

Try not to stick to just publishing your articles on the major article directories, contact relevant site owners and try niche sites and try to get your article published in those places too. You will find that guest posting on other people's sites is the best way to gain high quality back links and your rankings will reflect that. Not only that, but links on other people's site will attract their readers to visit your site and if your content is good, they may become a long term reader.

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