Article Spinning Software – What is The Best Spinner?

Article Spinning Software

You will probably have heard about article spinning in popular internet marketing forums and blogs and but most people do not understand how it works or how they can use it to their advantages. This article will explain how article spinning works and what article spinning software there is available on the market at the moment along with what I recommend as the best spinner.

The Basics of Article Spinning

Article spinning is when you use article spinning syntax to create an article so that your spinning software can generate hundreds of articles at a click of a button. A basic example of article spinning syntax is:

A {boy|girl|child} {walked|went} to {the park|school|class} last {week|Monday|Tuesday}.

If you put the above sentence into article spinning software it will choose one of the words inbetween each of the brackets and pipes { | }. So the example above can create a variety of different sentences such as:

A boy walked to the park last week
A girl went to school last Monday
A child walked to class last Tuesday

Why Do You Need Article Spinning Software?

Duplicate content penalties on search engines mean that webmasters need to be able to create unique content in order for their pages to get favorable rankings and avoid ranking penalties. If you have a page which is identical to another page on the internet, there is a good chance that your page will not receive high rankings if the competing page was indexed first and has better quality backlinks.

One way around this is by using article spinning software. Apart from being able to generate articles, there is another reason why you need this type of software. Most software will help you to create articles using the article spinning syntax. In most cases they will have a built in synonym database which will allow you to highlight and replace words in your article to create variations. This will allow you to create a syntactically correct article in minutes which will then allow you to generate multiple articles for you to use to build links or to place on your sites. Writing 5 articles manually could take a few hours but with article spinning software you will save a lot of time.

The Myth of Article Spinning

First of all, you need to know the truth about article spinning. You may have read that article spinning is a method to create hundreds of unique articles; however, this is not entirely true.

Simply choosing synonyms will not create articles unique enough to be used hundreds of times. In fact it is rare that you will be able to get hundreds of pages indexed using a spun article by itself. The most you will manage will probably be around 20 and that’s if you can create an article will a high level of uniqueness (i.e. over 60%). In the final section of this article I will show you a way to achieve a high level of uniqueness easily.

What is the Best Spinner?

There are many spinners on the market and most of them are crap. In fact, describing them as “crap” gives them a little too much praise. I have tried many different article spinning software and the one I recommend is called TheBestSpinner (screenshot shown).

TheBestSpinner (TBS) has an inbuilt synonym database that not only includes synonyms but also well known phrases. It also allows you to spin sentences and paragraphs to give you that extra touch of uniqueness and human written quality.

TBS allows you to create high quality and human readable spun articles that will pass manual reviews whether they are from article directories such as EzineArticles or from search engine manual reviews.

Read the full TBS review


Watch the TBS Video

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