3 Ways to Learn Ashtanga Yoga Postures In Your Spare Time

The Basic Concept of Ashtanga Yoga

To practice Ashtanga yoga, you have to understand both vinyasa and tristhana.  Vinyasa combines breath with movement in order to internally cleanse the system. By using this approach, or merging the two activities in each pose or asana, the blood is cleansed and therefore flows more readily. Therefore, vinyasa improves the circulation so toxins that cause disease and inflammation are removed from the body. The perspiration that is produced during the practice of Ashtanga yoga is the way the toxins are eliminated. As a result, the body becomes stronger, healthier, and more resistant to disease.


Tristhana in Ashtanga yoga references the bond of three places of activity, encompassing posture, breath and what is called the looking place. These activities-always practiced in connection with one another—purify the nervous system, thoughts, and body.

Performing the Poses

To perform the asanas, or the various postures in Ashtanga yoga properly, you must also familiarize yourself with the various spiritual practices associated with the exercise. These eight practices consist of yama (the moral codes), niyama (the process of purification), asana (pose or posture), pranayama (controlling breathing), dharana (your level of focus), dhyana (the meditative state), pratyahara (control of the senses), and, finally, samadhi (assimilation).

Ways you can Practice Ashtanga Yoga

When practicing or learning Ashtanga yoga, you can refer to DVDs, take a class, or opt to learn the Yoga at a retreat. You’ll want to refer to a DVD or a class, as knowing how to sit and pose is important if you want to perform the exercise correctly.  In order to make your body stronger and healthier and open up your senses then, it is essential in Ashtanga yoga to learn the various asanas to derive these benefits.

You Can Practice Ashtanga Yoga by Watching a DVD or Video

Again, you can obtain this direction by watching DVDs in your home. Yoga videos abound on the Internet and comprise productions that introduce Ashtanga poses to beginning Yogis and Yoginis as well as DVDs and videos that cover advanced forms of the exercise. Ashtanga yoga is also known as power yoga, so you have to be pretty healthy initially to take up the practice.

The types of positions introduced in the practice of Yoga include inversions, twists, balancing poses, forward bends, backbends, supine poses, prone poses, side bends, and standing poses. All these positions are covered on DVDs, in off-line classes, and at retreats so the learner can continue to improve and increase their stamina.

A Gradual Learning Process

By learning Ashtanga yoga through DVD’s, in class or at a retreat then, you can work at purification and gradually improve you level of fitness. The first asanas or poses will align your spine and assist in detoxifying your system. As you become more accustomed to this form of Yoga, then intermediate poses will open up your channels of energy and thus purify your nervous system. Advanced asanas or poses test your flexibility even further.

Breathing and Vinyasa

Breaths practiced with respect to vinyasa are referred as ujjay with inhalation and exhalation referenced in the process as puraka and rechaka respectively. Puraka and rechaka should be maintained so breathing is steady, thus purifying the nervous system even further.

Ashtanga Yoga is Offered Online and Off-line

With Ashtanga yoga you are both advancing physically and mentally. Therefore, the ancient spiritual practice can become somewhat involved. Fortunately, you have the option of exercising in this manner within the comfort of your home or you can find a location where you can practice the activity in workshops or classes.

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