Baby Changing Mats: Great Looking and Comfortable

If you want to take your newborn out, irrespective of where you intend to go, your diaper bag may not fit all the stuff you need to take with you: diapers, bottles, a change of clothes, toys, a baby changing mat etc. so a little careful shopping around may help you a lot. Here are some interesting options:

Crafty Baby Changing Pad – Coming under a number of different designs, this inexpensive baby changing mat is a very compact and rather stylish one. It can be folded or rolled up for storage, the cover is machine washable and easily removable and you can find it at for $18.95 each.

Kuster Jelly Baby Changing Mat – Most baby changing mats are practical but this doesn’t mean they are comfortable too. This model boasts on being made from memory foam, a high quality material, which makes them incredibly comfy and also very durable. Problem is that it needs to be carried in its own travel bag because it doesn’t fit into a diaper bag, which is probably why you may leave it at home. The Kuster Jelly Baby Changing Mat is on offer at for $49.99.

Booty and Spirit Yoga Baby Changing Mats – This model of baby changing mats is a brightly colored one, easy to roll or fold up and also very stylish, which is always of great importance to parents. It is also very practical as it is crafted from thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), a material with no PVC, latex or chloride and it is slightly more comfortable than other models out there. Just go to and you will find it available for only $20.

BabyLuxe Organics 100% Certified Organic Cotton Quilted Travel Change Pad – These days many people turn to organic products of all kinds, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there have appeared baby changing mats made from certified organic cotton as well. These can be rolled up to easily fit inside a diaper bag, are fully machine washable and for only $12.95 you can buy them from K-Mart.

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