Make Baby Quilt Patterns Easily With A Baby Quilt Kit

There is no doubt that baby quilts make wonderful gifts for expectant mothers at baby showers. They can also be given upon the announcement of the pregnancy or when the baby arrives. It is also fun to quilt while you are pregnant, while you still have some free time. You will find the process enjoyable, and gain a sense of accomplishment when you are finished. In addition, the quilt is sure to look darling in your baby’s nursery. Even if you have limited quilting experience, you can purchase a baby quilt kit, which can make quilting for friends and family enjoyable. Beautiful patterns, squares, and kits can be purchased online, through

Baby Quilt Kit Reviews

1. Bucilla Lullaby Friends Crib Cover Stamped Cross Stitch Kit

This quilt kit is 34”x 43”, making it an ideal size for use in a crib, or as a wall decoration. Its Amazon price is $28.62. The quilt features an array of animals in different sized squares. There is a giraffe, as well as teddy bears, a sheep, and an elephant. There is also a rocking horse, rabbit, and the letters A, B, C.  Above this group of squares is an adorable row of duckies. Stars and letters form a scalloped border around this grouping of animal squares. You can also purchase a bib cross stitch kit to create a set of two matching bibs. The directions are easy to follow, and everything you need to finish the project is in the kit, including the needle.

The Bucilla Lullaby Friends Crib Cover Stamped Cross Stitch Kit receives a 5 star Amazon rating out of 2 reviews. Neither customer had a bad word to say about this product.  It arrived quickly. The instructions were easy, and the pattern was simple to follow. One reviewer had never done a quilt before, but found the process very enjoyable thanks to the ease of use that this kit provides. Even for beginners, the quilt kit was easy and fun to create. For those who want an affordable kit that provides a cute pattern suitable for any little boy or girl’s nursery, this Bucilla quilt makes a great choice.

2. Bucilla Mary Engelbreit Mother Goose Lap Quilt Stamped Cross Stitch

At $30.45, this endearing quilt kit is a bargain. Its large size of 45”x45” makes it perfect for use as a wall hanging or floor quilt for baby. The pastel border contains stars surrounding the whimsical Mother Goose characters. Mother Goose is at the center of the quilt, riding a goose. Humpty Dumpty, Little Bo Peep, and Little Boy Blue are just a few of the darling characters that surround Mother Goose. The kit has everything you need to create this charming gift, including, pre-quilted and finished broadcloth, cotton embroidery floss, a needle, and the pattern.

The Bucilla Mary Engelbreit Mother Goose Lap Quilt Stamped Cross Stitch achieves a 5 star Amazon rating out of 2 reviews. Despite the 5 star rating, one reviewer pointed out that the quilt is not actually pre-quilted, but only contains the lines for where the quilts are to be placed. Customers must purchase batting to actually quilt the piece. This reviewer did not mind it, but warns others who may be newer to cross stitch and quilting. The quality of the pattern and the affordable price tag were the main positive points from these customers. If you are comfortable creating the quilts yourself, and enjoy the whimsy of traditional Mother Goose characters, this quilt kit may be perfect.

3. Disney Bambi Baby Quilt Stamped Cross Stitch Quilt Kit

The Disney Bambi Baby Quilt Stamped Cross Stitch Quilt Kit is truly a nostalgic blanket. It is 34”x43” when finished, making it a good crib quilt size. This quilt will bring back memories for those who fell in love with Bambi so many years ago. Quilting this pattern will pass the beloved characters on to another generation to enjoy. Flower, the shy skunk, is depicted sniffing at a passing butterfly, while Thumper talks to the star of the quilt, Bambi, nearby. The animals stand among foliage and mushrooms with butterflies and a bird flying around them. Sweet pastels form the borders to this adorable scene. The kit includes a pre-finished and pre-stamped quilt (poly/cotton blend), cotton floss, floss card, needle, graph, and instructions.

Only one customer has reviewed the Disney Bambi Baby Quilt Stamped Cross Stitch Quilt Kit. The reviewer gives the kit an impressive 5 star rating, noting that she completed her first Bambi quilt in the 1960’s, and has wanted to do another one since the first became worn. She loves this kit, and cherishes the Bambi characters. The customer also included high praise for Amazon’s low price of only $38.70 for the Disney kit. This kit is a wonderful choice for those who want to capture the sweetness and nostalgia of these classic Disney characters.

Doing it Yourself

Not everyone wants to have their creativity limited by using a kit. You can buy baby quilt patterns, and then choose the details for yourself. If you are making a patch quilt, you can purchase meaningful baby quilt squares and design your own layout. You can purchase squares to commemorate milestones, such as birth, first haircut, and other occasions. You can also mix and match animals to make a zoo or jungle themed quilt. You could also make an alphabet or teddy bear quilt. The possibilities are endless for those who have a bit of skill and imagination.

Baby quilts are relatively easy to make. The level of instruction and clarity of the pattern will make a good impact on just how easy the project will be. With some patience and creativity, you will have a great time learning to quilt with one of these baby quilt kits. There are many different kits available online to help you to get started in quilting. Set aside some time every day to start a quilting project. There are patterns with just about any design that you could imagine. Baby quilts are great gifts, and show a personal thought that store bought gifts simply cannot convey.

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