Banfield Pet Insurance Review – Is It The Best Pet Care Choice?

Banfield pet insurance is not, technically, insurance, but, instead provides Optimum Wellness coverage. With regular pet insurance, you pay for financial protection for your cat or dog that you may never use. However, a Banfield pet care involves recipients choosing a Banfield plan to obtain optimum coverage for their pet with payments for the “insurance” made on a monthly basis.

Comparing Coverages – Banfield Recommends Preventive Care

If you choose one of the Banfield pet insurance optimum wellness plans, you can visit your veterinarian without charge. Vaccinations and screenings are also included as well. Needless to say, when you compare Banfield pet insurance coverage with other insurance plans, you will definitely like the amenities included in Banfield’s five plans. The optimum wellness plans are designed for preventive care while other pet insurance policies are primarily designed to treat a cat or dog once he has become sick or injured.

Banfield Pet Insurance Cost - Office Visits are Always Free

Services, with the optimum wellness plans can always be used while other insurance coverage dictates that users only make use of the protection if treatment is covered in the policy. Office visits, as mentioned, with Banfield are always free and recipients can also obtain discounts on other services offered by Banfield as well. The charges are always the same, whether you have a dog or cat. Plus, there are no waiting periods or deductibles as in regular insurance plans.

A Healthier and Happier Pet

So, basically, the pet insurance coverage offered by Banfield is focused on keeping your dog or cat well and therefore promotes regular veterinary visits and medical care. With consistent care, your dog or cat can be treated for any underlying health problem before it adversely affects his health. If you want your dog or cat to live longer and be healthier, then choosing from among Banfield’s five optimum wellness plans is a prudent choice.

Banfield and PetSmart Collaborate their Products and Services

Banfield optimum wellness plans can be used in Banfield pet hospitals. The plan insurance is economical as there are well over two million pets registered with the Portland, Oregon based health care provider. Banfield also has a history that goes back fifty years. The company was started by a veterinarian, Warren J. Wegert. Since that time, Banfield has teamed up with PetSmart and has opened clinics in PetSmart retailers across the country.

Coverage is Based on the Age of your Dog

Banfield preventive care is a sensible approach to taking care of your pet. By using Banfield, you can always afford to provide your pet with exceptional preventive care at an affordable price. The insurance plans provided by Banfield are conveniently designed too - customized for the age of your dog or cat. In fact plans cover primary early care (for puppies), basic early care, basic, basic plus, and optimum care. Routine coverage provides services such as vaccinations, laboratory tests, and check-ups.

Obtaining Superior Care

Therefore, if you are seeking superior preventive care, you’ll want to enroll your beloved canine or feline friend in one Banfield’s optimum wellness plans.

Obtain Protection Early for your Puppy with the Primary Early Care Plan

Begin early with Banfield’s primary early care plan. This plan by Banfield covers all needed vaccinations as well as puppy’s physical exam, including such evaluations as opthamic, otoscopic, cardiovascular, dermatological, abdominal, and pulmonary exams. Plan holders also receive discounts for flea and tick, heartworm, and other medications too. Check out their plan coverages today online.

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