Batheo Review: Is the Batheo Online Game Any Good?

Batheo is an online strategy game where players form armed forces and create cities. It follows the set up of Ancient Greece and lets users to train heroes, fight against enemies, and form a league with fellow players. Moreover, it offers a number of features for players to enjoy. For more information, take a look at this Batheo Game review.

The concept of the game is to create and develop a city. In the process,the player must encounter and win the battles. Players have the choice regarding the formation of their soldiers, which heroes to take the lead, and the type of tools and equipments to be used. The game is more interesting to be played with other players to form a league but it can also be played singly. It differs slightly with other strategy games in terms of construction system. Buildings arise and level up rapidly. However, there is a time limit as to how long the players can use the feature. It may be similar to other games like Ministry of War and Evony, Batheo remains one of a kind considering many of its unique features.

Perhaps one of its amazing characteristics is its Map Traversal system. It is an exciting PvE mode type that requires players to completely move along a specific map in order to go to the next level. Each map has missions impending so that players can empower their characters while traversing. In this way, they are prepared for more difficult challenges that await them in the next maps. Players can also recruit non-player characters after defeating them and gain rewards with different Laurels in every battle that can be used in raising the level of technology and the rank of their hero.

The game provides eight variety of historical formations. Each has different characteristics so it is entirely up to the player which he will choose. Players have to strategically position their troops with various roles in a specific formation such as healer or inspirer, massive flesh shield, and damage marker to maximize its force. Selecting the best formation is the key to winning, especially when faced with opponents that are more powerful than your own troops. It also features attribute wash, which enhances the attitude and skill of your characters. It is only applicable to newly recruited characters. VIP's have more access to these attribute wash modes.

As mentioned previously, you are free to select your own heroes, troops, horses, and weapons. You can arrange them according to what you think will make your troop most productive. The equipments are available in many colors including red, purple, blue, green, and white. Each color represents various qualities- from average to top. You can always improve the strengths of your weapons.

With Batheo, you can still train your heroes even when you are offline through various training modes featured. You can purchase more training space for your characters. Applying sufficient Laurels to activate the Fast Track mode allows you to upgrade your heroes in less time. VIP's have the privilege to train their heroes 24 hours a day whereas regular members are not given such opportunity.

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Batheo Review: Is the Batheo Online Game Any Good?, 6.3 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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