Bathroom Vanities – How To Make A Lasting Impression

An essential item that can found in a bathroom is the vanity sink unit. This functional and decorative feature commonly consists of a mirror, a vanity top, and sink bowl and storage unit. The storage unit can consist of drawers, shelves and cabinets. These can be used to store all your towel sets, toiletries and cleaning utensils out of sight to create a more tidy and organized look. As well as being functional a well chosen and stylish vanity can make a lasting impression. There are many designs to choose from that range from the traditional antique cabinet vanities to the more contemporary glass bathroom vanity. Whatever your tastes you will not have too much bother finding a style to suit your needs.

Many vanity styles can be defined by their shape and the materials used to make them. For example, the traditional cabinet design is recognized with its elegant curves and solid wood finish. The modern vanities integrate wood, metal and glass to portray a more sleek and sophisticated look. When choosing a vanity for your bathroom make sure the style is in keeping with the rest of the bathrooms design theme and décor. With a new bathroom design it is easier as you can base the design theme on the style of the vanity.

As well as coordinating the style the size you choose is also important. The size should be in proportion to the size of the room. Vanities are available in a range of widths from the smallest at 24 inches to the largest at 60 inches. Sizes below a 48 bathroom vanity are considered more suitable for average to smaller sized bathrooms. For the larger sized bathrooms many people opt for a double sink vanity. With two sinks more than one person is able to use it at once which can help keep reduce the queues the morning.

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