Battery Powered Digital Photo Frame Reviews

With digital cameras, users can now do more than just take pictures, particularly when it comes to displaying the pictures taken. Although the pictures stored in digital cameras can be displayed on computer monitors and even on televisions, many individuals would like to use the photos for display where their guests can see them. This goal can be achieved by using digital photo frames which can also eliminate the need and stress of printing pictures.

Top 3 Digital Photo Frames for Sale

1.) Sony DPF-D830 8-Inch SVGA LCD (4:3) Digital Photo Frame

This photo frame can display photos and even videos through the user-friendly LED backlit digital frame. Furthermore, it provides various slides of different pictures and can even inform you what time and day it is.

Other features include:

a.) Screen with 800 x 600 resolution as well as the 4:3 ratio that brings pictures to life

b.) Can store as much as 4000 photos which can surely store all of your photos should you wish to reminisce those past and memorable events

c.) Has an auto orientation sensor that will rotate your photo either horizontally or vertically

d.) Has a backlight logo that can be turned on and off

2.) Portable NIX 8" Hu-Motion Digital Picture Frame

This battery powered digital photo frame is famous for its superior features whilst giving a high level of convenience to the users. Its motion sensor turns automatically on when it senses your presence nearby and turns off when you're far away. Furthermore, you don't have to worry about the electric bills since it is so convenient that it saves as much as 60% of energy. Its rechargeable battery lets you play the photo frame for as long as three hours as well.

Another excellent feature of this product is its flexibility since it can resize the photo to a size suitable for the frame's size. This allows you to store as many as 8,000 photos and still gives the best resolution.

The frame can also be connected to your computer where you can place music and even movies. Therefore, this battery powered digital photo frame can also function as a media player. Regarding its motion sensor, you can easily set it up to turn off if it does not sense any movements between 1 second and 24 hours.

3.) Jobo 7" X7 Portable Digital Photo Frame

If you ever want to become a professional photographer and want to store your pictures on an excellent photo frame, the Jobo 7" X7 Portable Digital Photo Frame is the perfect product for you to bring along. With its 7-inch viewing screen with a memory of up to 1GB, this battery powered digital photo frame can store as many as 10,000 images. While bringing it with you, protection from scrapes and scratches is highly guaranteed due its solid rubber rim.

Its user-friendly features allow anyone to use it even for the starters. You can view the photos via thumbnails, slideshows or even in full screen. Just like other digital photo frames, it can also display the date as well as the time.

By doing some research, you can get the suitable battery powered digital photo frame that can meet all your expectations. Take some time to study their features and soon, you'll get a product that will surely be better than what you expected.

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