Bearpaw Eva Review

Countries on the northern hemisphere typically enjoy all four seasons of the year: spring, summer, fall, and winter. All these seasons will usually demand one form of footwear suitable for their climate, but it is kind of hard to find one that suits any situation. For those who aren’t looking to fill their closets with shoes for the entire year, or those looking for a more value for money footwear, Bearpaws might be a viable option if you are one who prefers to wear boots. The Bearpaw Eva and also the Bearpaw Kola Fur boots are really popular.

Bearpaws typically belong to the more mainstream brands of boots along with Uggs, an Australian brand. However, if you are looking into buying your first pair or want to try out the look of wearing boots first, Bearpaws would be recommended as they typically cost less than other leading brands. And if you want to be safe when it comes to choosing a model, the Eva falls in their classic line of shoes. It is basically your standard, no frills model. It is made with an all-suede upper, and with a very minimal raw stitching for the overall design of the boot. And being the most simple in terms of design, the Eva can easily be paired with most articles of clothing like jeans, shorts, and skirts. As a standard feature in most of Bearpaw’s line of boots, sheepskin is used to line the entire inside of the boot, which feels very comfortable and doesn’t get too hot or too cold inside so you can wear it all-day if you wanted to.

Overall, you cannot go wrong with a pair of Eva’s if you’re looking for your standard pair of boots. However, this design is probably the most common, as even other brands use this as the basic look. Color will also offer little variation, as earthy tones are the norm for this model, even with other brands. They will function great as your everyday pair, but if you want to stand out, you can use these as your foundation before trying out more expensive boots with better designs.

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