Become Free of Your Fear of Intimacy

Every month, several thousand Americans search the internet looking specifically for help and advice for their physical intimacy issues.  Often manifest in unsatisfying relationships, sexual addictions, or persistent emotional distance from your significant other, intimacy issues can devastate an otherwise healthy relationship.

Our experience has shown that fear of intimacy generally evolves from one of two conditions:  pain still carried from a previous hurt, or a general low self-esteem condition.  While there are nearly infinite permutations and manifestations, a majority of intimacy issues seem to trace their roots to one of those underlying causes.

Residual emotional pain often lingers for years after a person has suffered infidelity or another type of emotional betrayal.  Technically, it is more accurate to say that the victim's lingering reaction to the infidelity is more the cause of current intimacy trouble, rather than the actual betrayal or infidelity incident itself.  Replaying the previous pain causes people to remain emotionally distant in their current relationship.

Self-esteem problems are an even more common cause of intimacy fears. The  Dalai Lama, who is a very educated man, had a difficult time understanding the concept of low self esteem, because Eastern cultures typically promote healthier notions of individual value.  In contrast, Western suffers from a low self-esteem epidemic. We judge ourselves mercilessly, which leads to perpetual feelings of guilt and inadequacy.  This hampers intimacy of any sort with our partners.

There is effective and inexpensive help for intimacy issues, using guided imagery scripts.  An audio narrator reads a series of relaxation and visualization exercises to help you remove the demons of past relationships, enable more positive self esteem, and make headway toward meaningful and lasting physical intimacy in your relationship.

There are surprisingly few high-quality intimacy meditation audio products available, but a company called ConnectionAudio has produced a high quality mp3 available to download for around $10.

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