The Benefits of Recycling Paper

recyclingpaperHave you ever thought about how you can contribute to recycling paper or how you can do your bit for the society by buying items made from recycled material to save the environment and to in some small way contribute to your future generations and the people living around you? Did you know that there is a difference between farmed trees and vintage trees? Farmed trees are trees that are replanted to replace the ones cut down for making paper. Paper companies are compelled to plant one tree for every one that they cut down but the government, however, these farmed forests are inferior to vintage trees in various ways. One should note that deforestation should not be connected to paper trees as tropical wood is not used to make paper. If you think why should you be the one to think so or to what percentage will your contribution help? Remember that its little drops of water that add up to the Ocean.

Paper is biodegradable. When it rots, it creates a gas called methane which is considered to be a potent green house gas (up to 20 times more potent when compared to carbon-dioxide). We know and accept that global warming is a reality now therefore carbon-dioxide and methane emissions have to be reduced. this is one method of reducing it a bit. Most paper can be recycled at least 4 - 6 times.

Recycle your Newspapers, used note books, cardboard, computer print out paper, magazines, telephone directories, pamphlets, office white paper, mixed or coloured paper, yellow pages, junk mail, windowed envelopes, text books, novels etc and earn money. While purchasing, opt for environmentally friendly articles and products. There are a wide range of goods made from recycled available in the market today. If you are gifting something to some one why not buy a recycled paper gift wrap to wrap the gift in? why not opt for biodegradable pens made from paper or degradable plastic instead of plastic? You could purchase recycled paper adhesive paper or recycled paper pen stands for office use or gifting to your boss. Recycled paper shopping bags are a good option while shopping. Buy one and reuse it till the time it tears. This way you can say 'no' to polythene bags and not have to worry about disposing the ever increasing number of plastic bags that get accumulated after shopping. Journals, greeting cards, visiting cards, file folders, expanding files, 3 ring binders, dividers, clip boards, desk organizers, desk pads, apparel boxes, gift ware boxes, moving boxes, shipping boxes, unbleached recycled grocery bags, wine bottle bags, potpourri bags, envelopes, text paper, copy paper, construction paper, note books, calenders. jewellery boxes, toilet tissues, garbage bags, paper towels, pot-it-notes, are other items that are available in recyclable paper. Make the right choice and strive to be a part of the new eco-friendly economy. Each time you go to shop, check how eco-friendly the product is. Educate people around you. Do your bit for your sake and the sake of your future generations.

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