Acne Treatment: Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicyclic Acid?

There are many bad acne treatments out there. One of which is a pimple cream, but how do you choose between them? The real choice isn't so much between any two different name brand products, but a choice between two effective acne killing weapons: Benzoyl peroxide or salicyclic acid. These two ingredients form the edge of any acne treatment knife.

Of the two ingredients benzoyl peroxide is more powerful than its rival. It's an effective against many forms of acne, those caused by dirt, grime, dead skin, and even bacteria. In particular, it's effective against acne causing bacteria because it makes your skin inhospitable to them. This bacteria is unable to thrive in an oxygen rich environment and benzoyl peroxide injects that directly into our skin.

That doesn't mean you should discount salicyclic acid though. While it may not be effective against bacterial acne it is much easier on our skin. For people who only have occasional breakouts, benzoyl peroxide will be too powerful. It will dry, flake, and peel your skin. There is no point in trading one skin problem for another.

To make the best use of either acne weapon, be sure to wash your face thoroughly before applying either. Then do not just use these pimple creams for spot treatment of acne. Instead apply them to your entire face because both medicines are able to prevent acne before it begins. This is the most effective way to stop bad acne scarring. Do not let it even begin.

Benzoyl peroxide and salicyclic acid are effective acne treatments that we can take advantage of. However it's important that we choose what is the best solution for our acne, not the average or what supposedly works the best. And buy doing that, it's possible to treat the truly bad cases whether they be facial or chin acne.

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