Best Fit Corset – Which Type of Corset Should You Buy?

For centuries women have been trying to get slim waistlines. Women exercise, go on crazy diets, and almost anything they can think of to reach their goal. For those women looking for something a little different from the normal tactics may just find what they are looking for in a corset bustier.

Corset bustiers push up the breasts, and slim the waist. These can have either common hooks like those found on bras, or lace up backs to close them. Women who have never used a corset to slim their waist may want to try a lace up one first, as this allows the woman to more easily train her body to the shape of the desired shape. The woman places the corset on and overtime as she wears it tightens the laces to make her waist smaller.

Women who want to use a corset to slim their waist should buy one that can be adjusted down to no less than four inches smaller than their current waistline. Two corset bustiers should be purchased, so the woman can have a spare while the other is being washed. The corset should be worn each day, and for as long during that day as able. The corset should be adjusted once a week to a one inch smaller size.

Women who wish to slim their waist faster can reduce the size more than one inch every week, but if the waist is reduced slower it will be more able to handle the change. The woman's body will start to slowly take on the shape that the fitted corset creates on them, even after the corset has been removed. A healthy diet and regular exercise will speed up the transformation.

No matter if it's a black corset bustier or a satin bustier, a bustier will work to a point to slim the waist. Some woman cannot reach a waistline smaller than 24 inches, and this is normal. Using a corset can give dramatic change to a person's body, but is not a permanent fix for a weight issue.

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