The Best Places To Retire

Finding the best places to retire has been on the forefront of my mind for about 5 years now as I have reached the half century mark and I have a sneaking feeling that it is for many others in my age category and above since we are what is so often refereed to as the baby boomers. We are that bubble in the population that has so often been studied. We so aptly create cultural change and are often criticized for it.

That aside, we want to find places to retire that are interesting and that are within our squeezed budget and we want to find places where we can design the last years of our life so they work for us. Easy is one way to describe what we want and the other is cheap. Cheap in the sense that it does not cost a lot since most of us don’t feel like we have enough to live on or at lest in the style that we have so often imagined.

Weather is often a concern and culture is a concern but cheap and easy come very often right up to the top of the list when pushed for the most important aspect. Cheap can be defined as the smallest percentage of that amount that we have defined as our expendable income. If we still earn that income then it depends on how we earn it in each location to dictate the amount available to spend. Once that is determined just subtract the amount to create our personal lifestyle choices and there you have it. The cheapest and easiest places to retire right before your eyes.

It doesn't mean you are going to like the outcome but the formula has been followed and it will be up to you to find a place that falls into this cheap category and also gives you the easiest places to retire insignia.

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