Bikram Yoga Training Courses – Become a Yoga Teacher

Have you always wanted to become a yoga teacher? The Bikram yoga training courses have been taught to millions of yoga enthusiasts the world over, and provide the lessons and therapies that make Bikram yoga training well-recognized by practitioners of an ancient discipline that advocates physical as well as mental conditioning.

The founder of Bikram yoga training is Bikram Choudhury, who established the Bikram Yoga College in India. Bikram yoga teacher training involves 26 sequenced postures, all fundamental to Bikram yoga. This type of yoga training is also available through yoga studios that are affiliated with Bikram. The Bikram yoga training courses are offered bi-annually, and underscore the mental and health benefits connected with the practice of Bikram yoga.

In addition, Bikram yoga sessions are available through workshops, lectures, and seminars too. Not only that, Bikram supports and manages an International Yoga Championship, calling attention to the impact of yoga on one’s overall well-being. Again, Bikram training involves 26 sequenced postures that were chosen by the founder, and further developed from Hatha yoga. These poses are designed, like Hatha yoga, to balance the body’s functions, optimizing the health of the muscles, tendons, ligaments, circulatory system, and internal organs.

By using the Bikram approach, many yoga practitioners have discovered that they have more energy, better concentration, and more of a sense of calm. One unique component of taking yoga classes at one of Bikram’s worldwide studios is the fact that classes are given in rooms that are heated at 105 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature, according to certified Bikram teachers, is necessary in order to become more flexible during the yoga workout. Because yoga involves reshaping the body, the extra heat is needed to make the body more compliant and relaxed.

In addition Bikram Hatha yoga flushes toxic substances from one’s system, thereby enhancing respiration, circulation, and immune health. Because these systems are cleansed, the body, overall, is better able to function. Heating studios to 105 degrees Fahrenheit also helps in cleansing the body of the wastes that slows it down and makes it sluggish. Therefore, sweating aids in getting rid of the body’s impurities. That is why Bikram Hatha yoga is referred to as hot yoga – a form of Hatha yoga that is practiced in rooms with increased humidity and temperatures.

Bikram yoga training also instructs practitioners on breathing properly. Because yoga builds up one’s level of oxygen, those following the discipline learn how to breathe by practicing pranayama. Pranayama comes from the words, prana—which means vital energy—and yama—which means control. Pranayama then is an exercise that is practiced to control the breath, or one’s vital energy.

Hatha yoga, or the type of yoga practiced by Bikram teachers and students, is also referred to as hatha vidya. This exercise discipline was first introduced by the Hindu teacher, Yogi Swatmarama, in the 1400s in India. Hatha yoga was originally founded as preparation for purification of the body so yogis could reach higher levels of meditation. The practice makes use of asanas (poses) and the already-mentioned pranayama for purposes of health. The exercise became popular in the 60s and has, since that time, maintained people’s interest for improving their health and mental outlook.

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