Blackberry Bold 9780 Review

If you love smart phone technology and you love Blackberry technology, you will be guaranteed to love the bold statement that Blackberry is making with its’ Blackberry bold 9780. Available in black or grey, this smart phone really is top of the range and can be ranked alongside the top smart phones from competitors such as Nokia and LG.

With the Blackberry 6 operating system as standard, you really will experience an enhanced performance with this new model. As well as making a bold statement, this model does not come cheap, and would not fall into the category of economic smart phones.

The Blackberry 9800 bold is making a statement to all lovers of Blackberry, and is the perfect model to choose when you are looking to update to Blackberry 6 advanced navigation. Offering the fastest browsing yet from Blackberry, you can keep up to date with all your social networks, receive RSS news feeds and take advantage of messenger services.

Again, this Blackberry has gps, wifi and Bluetooth as standard, as well as boasting six hours talk time and 36 hours playback time of music. With video features, this phone is a step further in technology than just having your digital personal assistant with you. Being quicker for applications than ever before, you can forget the times of becoming annoyed because your favourite application just wouldn’t load on your phone. For lovers of Blackberry everywhere, you can find the best Blackberry Bold reviews and deals over at Berry Deals. Once you have read up the statistics on this model, you really will find it hard to resist.

You can get the best deals at Berry Deals comparing contract offers to find all the deals from Berry service providers. The advantage of this site is that it will let you specify all the things you want included in your contract and then go find the best deal for the Berry model indicated. Go bold today, go Blackberry bold 9780!

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