Breast Augmentation Process Before After

Breast Augmentation is a procedure that is used to alter and enhance the look of breasts. Although in a majority of instances it is done for cosmetic reasons, it is also done to reconstruct as well as correct chest defects. United States has the highest number of breast augmentations done each year and is also among the most popular in the category of cosmetic surgeries.

Breast augmentation is done by means of an implant and there are varieties of methods that can help one get a breast augmentation. Breast implants are mainly of two types. One is a silicone gel filled implant and the other is a saline filled implant. Breast augmentation is done usually with implants and is done in four different scenarios. One is a primary reconstruction to substitute breast tissue removed as a result of cancer, or any defect or deformity of a severe nature. The other kind is revision reconstruction to improve an original breast reconstruction. The third kind and of a cosmetic nature is primary breast augmentation done to improve appearance. The final type is revision augmentation done to improve on a previous case of primary breast augmentation.

When it comes to breast augmentation before and after consequences of the procedure should be closely taken into account before going under the knife. While the process takes only about an hour or two, it is vital that the recipient truly understand the risks involved. There are different ways by which implants are placed and breasts augmented. Usually it happens by means of incision. Some of these types of incisions are Inframammary, Periareolar, Transaxiliary, Transumbilical and Transabdominoplasty. These incisions differ in terms of the level of difficulty in placing the implants and if they leave any sort of scars post the surgery.

After the breast augmentation, the recipient can effectively resume normal activity in a weeks time. However, it sometimes also depends on where the implant has been placed. If their implants were placed by means of cutting the muscle and placing it underneath then these patients can experience pain and may slightly longer times to recover completely. Physical activity and exercise is usually discouraged up to 6 weeks for full recovery and to ensure there is no pain as a result of the surgery.

One of the major cases against breast augmentation has been complications arising out of rupture of implants, and capsular contraction. While implants do not last forever, sometimes a patient that has received these might need to go for a reconstruction surgery in case of failure of one or both implants. Sometimes the implants are slightly damaged at the time of incision and placement and can fail quickly as a result while in other cases it can be a time related failure since implants usually last only a few years. Women who are expecting children need to seek advice before going in for an implant.

Selecting a good plastic surgeon is one of the criteria that can greatly minimize any risks related to the process. While there are many controversies, it must be noted that there are plenty of resources on breast augmentation for careful consideration before opting for the process.

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