Bully Sticks for Dogs

Bully sticks are favored treats of dogs the world over. The natural doggie chews, also called beef sticks, are actually made from a bull’s pizzle, or the penis of a bull. While some people may initially feel disinclined to give their dog this kind of treat, they soon find out that the bully stick is a rich source of protein and a very healthy and economical snack for their beloved dog.

When processed, the moisture is removed from the pizzles or bully sticks to eliminate odor. Bully sticks are made for all types of breeds of dogs too, from Chihuahuas to German shepherds. As a result, you can buy bully sticks in one of a number of sizes from four to 30 inches long.

Bully sticks are made of eighty percent protein and almost contain no fat. Moisture content in the dog delicacies is not more than twenty percent, making the treats last much longer than other chewy dog snacks on the market today.

Dogs love bully sticks because they are tasty, chewy, and easy to digest. Because they are 100% natural, they contain no additional preservatives, chemicals, antibiotics, or hormones. What’s more, the cattle that are used in the manufacture of the doggie chews are raised in South America in idyllic surroundings (clean, rushing streams and green fields). In addition, pizzles or bully sticks are manufactured in facilities that uphold high USDA regulations with respect to sanitation and hygiene, thereby ensuring that the steer sticks are free from harmful bacteria or contaminants.

The bully stick is the perfect product for supporting and strengthening a dog’s gum and teeth. Satisfying a dog’s craving to chew, bully sticks last a long time, thereby keeping a dog preoccupied and happy. The beef pizzles also contain the amino acid taurine, which maintains a dog’s immunological health. For added flavoring and to reduce the level of moisture in the bully stick (which also makes it odorless), the beef sticks are wood-smoked giving them a distinctive flavor that dogs can’t help but love.

The consumer can buy bully sticks in odor-free and regular varieties. The odor-free variety has less moisture content than the regular kind. Sticks are sold by length and thickness. Therefore, the thicker the product, the longer it will take for your dog to chew.

Pizzles are exceptionally healthful for dogs as they are also consumed by people for the same reason. People eat pizzles as they are exceptionally high in protein, magnesium, and calcium and low in cholesterol. When manufactured for human use, pizzles are freeze-dried. Many cooks include pizzles in soups as well.

Pizzles were also used, as far back as the 16th century, for flogging. Known as a bullwhip, the pizzle is now a consumable product that will whip both a dog and his owner into shape. Given its nutritional value, the all-natural product is widely acclaimed by dog owners and has earned barks of approval from a variety of breeds. However, you don’t want to give your canine friend too much of a good thing. Feed bully sticks to your dog once a day for optimum nutrition, which will also prevent overingestion of protein.

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