Can I Send Fax Through Internet?

As technology advances, we leave behind those features and ideas that don’t work anymore and start using those that bring us more efficiency and speed.  With faxing there is no difference, you can now send fax through Internet and say good bye to all the hassles you had to deal with a traditional fax machine.

Sending a fax is very easy with the help of email fax services.  These are specialized services that you pay on a monthly basis to send AND receive faxes online.  They bring the complete solution to finally get rid of the fax machine you have in your office.

To send a fax this way, you first open your account and set it up to link it to your desired e-mail address.  From there, sending a fax is as easy as sending a simple e-mail.  You put the desired fax number in the “To” field following this format faxnumber (at) faxcompany .com, then you add the document to be faxed as an attachment in the e-mail.  Additionally you can write on the message field a cover page if you want to.

From there, all the “magic” is done for you.  Your fax will be converted thanks to the service’s fax servers to then be encrypted and sent.  It is good to know that your sent faxes will be received by both computers and traditional fax machines.

But to make things more complete, you will also be able to receive fax online.  That’s right, upon signing up with fax through Internet service, you will receive a free Internet fax number which you will use to get fax sent to you.  You will be given an option to choose a local fax number or a toll free number.

Getting started doesn’t have to cost a dime.  Take a look at the best services out there, they all offer free trials!

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