Filtering and Purifying an Unknown Water Source

Choosing the correct type of unknown water source is important

The point of this article is to outline the process of filtering and purifying a water source. In an emergency situation, you may need to rely on water from an unknown source- a stream, a lake, a well, etc- for survival. You’ll want to clean this water of contaminants before drinking it to avoid unwanted [...]

How Was Mount Everest Named?

mount everest

The highest point on the planet was formed millions of years ago in a massive collision of continents. For many years the highest mountain in the world was thought to be much lower than it actually is. Its existence in the northernmost range of the Himalayas had been known for countless decades by local mountaineers, but [...]

Dades Gorges in Morocco – What to Expect?

dades gorges

In Morocco a river has carved a miniature version of the Grand Canyon through rocks that once lay deep beneath an ancient sea. Although it is small and frequently dries up completely, the Dades River has carved some of the most rugged gorges found anywhere in northern Africa. The river rises in the High Atlas [...]

Tips on Finding Cheap Holidays to Mauritius


The Perfect Getaway Any Time of Year Ideal weather is the main reason that tourists flock to the beautiful island of Mauritius, where the gloom and chill of northern climes is forgotten in this popular tropical island destination. Whether you choose to travel from the spring to fall, when the warm weather is balmy and [...]

Why Holiday packages in Goa Are Value for Money


Goa is nested beautifully on the western coast of India and enjoys a wide expanse of the Indian ocean making it a natural home to India’s hospitality sector and its stunning beaches have drawn people from all over the world to immerse themselves in the holiday spirit that Goa so bountifully offers to the world [...]

Thailand’s Top National Parks

thai national park

For a Thai adventure, national parks the best option. Most of these parks are admirably maintained and offer amazing natural sights, abundant wildlife and marked trails. They even offer amenities like bathrooms, canteens and economical rental bungalows for longer stays. When planning a stay at a bungalow in one of the national parks, it is [...]

Your Best Options To Fly To Lanzarote

Year round tropical weather, scenic views and unforgettable sunsets – what is there not to like in Lanzarote? This island is part of the Canary group of islands just in the coast of Africa. If you are looking for a different take in your vacation this might just be the place you would wanted to [...]

Why Annual Travel Insurance Over 80 Is Recommended for Elderly Travelers

Every time you travel, you need to ensure that you have already applied for a travel insurance policy. Nowadays, travel insurance companies are offering policies which cater to specific age groups. Travelers can also choose whether they will apply for an annual or single trip policy. Single trip is a cheaper insurance policy, but the [...]

River Hiking in Panama

panama river hiking

We finally arrived to the waterfall and took a break… Gigantic rocks were all around us, some of them recently deposited there by a furious river that today was calmed; others had all types of plants, even small trees growing all over them, telling us that they (the rocks) had been there for some time. [...]

Tips For Choosing A Poipu Vacation Rental


As the summer season approaches, more and more people are taking the time to think about planning their vacation. And what better way to spend a vacation than to travel to a place where the sun is warm and beaches are abundant. Hawaii is a popular summer destination for surfers, couples, seniors, teens, children, sunbathers [...]

Nicaragua’s A Great Place For Investing In Real Estate


Over 1 million visitors vacationed in Nicaragua in 2010, according to official tourism statistics. That’s more than in any previous year. Most of them enjoyed the tourist attractions, but a large number visited to explore property investing opportunities. Lonely Planet also rated Nicaragua as one of the top destinations to visit in 2011. So why [...]

What Are Global Late Deals?

There’s just something about planning a holiday to an exotic villa – conjuring images of leisure, luxury, delicious cuisine, and quality time with loved ones learning new cultures and tastes.  It sounds so much more glamorous than a hotel, and it often is! Many vacationers are afraid it’s too expensive to stay in a hotel [...]

How You Can Benefit from Booking Cruises from New York

You will be able to go to the four corners of the world when you take cruises from New York. Almost all of the cruise shipping lines used the Florida Port before as their home port where most of their vessels are being deployed.  It was know before that when you want to go to [...]

Buy Cruisewear and Resort Wear and Sail Away

Many people spend their lifetime dreaming and planning on the day they can afford to buy cruisewear and resort wear and sail away on the vacation of their dreams. The idea of a cruise with all of its luxury and pleasures is a reward for many years of hard for the average person. Selecting cruisewear [...]

Cornwall Cottages – Best Accommodations For Vacationing Families In Cornwall

cornwall cottage

Cornwall is a destination that’s about buckets, beaches, lovely nature, golden sands and a lot more. At present, Cornwall is hailed as one of the most fantastic seaside holiday destinations. In fact, in the year 2007, the place has become a surfing destination, a cultural hotspot, center for family fun, an outdoor enthusiasts’ dream, a [...]

Beautiful Coronado Island in San Diego

corando island

The small peninsula across the San Diego Bay from San Diego in California is the location of one of the most popular destinations in the country called Coronado Island or Crown City. Coronado is connected to the mainland by a ten-mile stretch called the Silver Strand, locally refered to as, “The Strand”. The city’s land [...]

Expected Expenses During Your Maldives Holidays

It is a fact that Maldives holidays are somewhat expensive. If you are used to backpacking and paying really cheap accommodations and food during your travels, you will find that what you are used to is basically unheard of in these islands. Even if you have snagged the biggest discount on your travel package, it [...]

Booking Last Minute Deals Online in Scandinavia


If you are looking for some last minute deals for vacationing in Scandinavia, you can often find good ones by doing an internet search for “afbudsrejse”. Through searching on travel websites, a traveler is able to do a comparison on vacation packages between many hotels and several different airline companies. The prices for extra options [...]

Phuket Villas For Cheap Holidays In Thailand


If you are looking for a holiday in Thailand that will truly offer a break from the stress that urban living brings, head off to Phuket. This part of Thailand has been a haven for many travelers for years, catering to every type of tourist that go here for cheap holidays. Good alternatives to resorts [...]

The Peter Island Resort

peter island

There is an island resort situated in the British Virgin Islands which is a perfect holiday getaway for tourists. It has the amazing ashen sandy beaches, a translucent kind of water and a calming environment along with its natural abundance. Although the island is exclusive, it is widely known for a real stress-free surrounding and [...]

What to Do While Having Camping Holidays Belgium


While you are on your camping holidays Belgium trip, you will need not fret about the essential things that you may need to buy, since there are actually a lot of shops in campsites where you can get everything required. Yet another thing that would make your luxury camping holiday unique is the reality that [...]

Today’s Top Caribbean Honeymoon Cruise

Going on a Caribbean honeymoon cruise is one of the most preferred cruises by Latinos and Americans. One reason is that, the Caribbean is always mysterious. The colourful laid-back culture, talc smooth sandy beaches, awesome views and the perfect weather makes Caribbean the cruising capital of the world. There are so many world-famous cruise ships [...]

Cheap Holidays To Greece

Looking for something which can boast an incredible history a mixture of fascinating heritage and modern resorts? Then cheap holidays to Greece will do just the thing, for it has something for everyone. Did you know that in the fifth century BC, Athens became the cultural capital of Mediterranean, with fine examples  of literature, philosophy [...]

Cheap Holidays In North Mauritius: Things To See And Do

North Mauritius

Located east of Madagascar, the island nation of Mauritius has a lot to offer to the many travelers who are thinking of paying a visit in this side of the Indian Ocean. While there have been many people already who have discovered the delights of spending their cheap holidays here, the country has somehow managed [...]

Holiday Insurance: Enjoy a Secure Holiday

What is a holiday? Basically it is that time when a man completely withdraws from his work in order to rest. Life is getting hectic every day, like a man indulging himself so much in his work that he forgets to live happily to a great extent. Thus, the holiday is only once a year, [...]

Why Cheap Travel Insurance For Over 65s Is Worth The Investment

Whether you are a frequent traveling, or heading off on your first vacation in a long time, investing in cheap travel insurance for over 65s is a great idea for the senior traveler. Though no one wants to think about the possibility that something might go wrong while they are away from home, the truth [...]

The Types Of Travel Insurance

travel insurance

Travel insurance is one thing that you should not consider traveling without. This should be at the top “to do list” in the planning of your holiday. Otherwise, it could potentially cost you thousands of pounds in medical costs and untold stress if you get injured. Getting insurance is a fairly simple thing with just [...]

The Things I Love about Perpignan in France


A satisfying tour around the area is one of the things I love about Perpignan.  Perpignan which is located in the Southern part of France is one of the most interesting cities due to the mixed culture of Catalans, Romans and Mediterranean people. Varied languages, traditions and an abundance of art are what you can [...]

Memorable Honeymoon Locations


A honeymoon is a great way to relax after all the wedding preparations and continue to celebrate your new life together, just the two of you. But where to go? Read on to get some ideas on how to choose the most memorable honeymoon locations! The most traditional choice for a honeymoon is to find [...]

Advantages of Lightweight Suitcases

lightweight suitcases

When you travel, you will definitely be restricted by weight limits every airline has for your luggage. You probably don’t want your suitcase to be an obstacle to taking more personal belongings. If your suitcase weighs more than five kilos you will most likely benefit from getting a lighter one. There are many cheap lightweight [...]

Know The Perfect Resort Type For Memorable Maldives Holidays


The trick in making sure that Maldives holidays are memorable is to stay at the type of resort that is most suited to the type of holiday you are looking forward to enjoy. There are generally three types of Maldives resorts- the dive, family holiday, and romantic luxury resorts. Each type caters to a different [...]

Pink Suitcases and Luggage for the Feminine Traveler

pink suitcase

If business often takes you away from home, pink luggage can add a feminine touch to your travels.  Choosing a pink suitcase is a great way to soften the blows of constant traveling to do your job.  Every time you see your luggage, you can be reminded that you are a strong woman with a [...]

Some Things To Expect From Almeria City


The city of Almeria is one of the most prosperous cities in Spain and this is all because of its tourism that rapidly increases every year. This city was once an unpopular place and this was not considered to be one of the holiday destinations in Spain. As time has gone by, this town has [...]

Caribbean Snorkeling Adventures


If you feel that diving is a little too much a way astray from your everyday life or that it requires too much of your time and money, you may consider snorkeling as an alternative. It is no shame to appear on a beach with a mask and a snorkel stuck in your mouth. Treat [...]

Researching into the Secret to Finding Good Altea Hotels

Altea Hotels

A very important part of the decision making process which will help you in arriving at the right hotel choice in the Spanish Resort town of Altea is researching. Once you have researched your available choices and discovered the accommodation opportunities that you can have at these Altea Hotels, you can easily surmise yourself that [...]

Aspe, Alicante – A Contrast Between Yesterday And Today

aspe alicante

Aspe is a municipality of Alicante, Spain. Unlike the other towns and municipalities that are situated along Costa Blanca, Aspe is less of a tourist destination. Aspe itself cannot boast of the famous beaches like some of the cities and municipalities along the Costa Blanca.  But the possibility of Aspe to be a favorite destination [...]

Skyscrapers in the Costa Blanca! … Are These Benidorm Hotels?


People are in a quandary why a small city less than 50 kilometers from Alicante International Airport has been tagged as the “Manhattan of Spain”. Manhattan is in New York, U.S.A. and has been famous for its skyline. Benidorm is situated in Costa Blanca and this city dominates the sky – the high rise Benidorm [...]