Chest Exercises using Cable Crossover Exercise Equipment for Home

If you are looking for various exercises that you can do in an exercise equipment for home, then here are some useful chest exercises that you can perform in a cable machine. These routines are applicable for both men and women. Most men would love to have bulging chest muscles and so they can stack their cable machine with weights to start working out. For women, on the other hand, there are various weights available that they can choose from and this may depend on their fitness goal and level of intensity.

Cable Crossover Curls

  • Before you start with this, make sure that you have already chosen the weight you prefer and place both stacks and stand right in the middle of the cable machine. Place your right hand around the right handle and do the same on your left. Keep your feet at shoulder-width while standing and looking forward. Slowly inhale and while you are exhaling, start to pull the cables together or you can do it one by one. Hold it for several seconds and then go back to your starting position. Do this for 15 times per set and 3 sets per workout session. Doing this can help you strengthen your chest as well as your biceps, shoulders and back.

Low Pulley Cable Crossover

  • While standing in the middle of the cable machine, hold the handles and lower it with both hands. Place the right leg over the left or vice versa and keep your knees bent. Inhale slowly and while exhaling, pull the handles toward your chest. Hold this for several seconds before slowly releasing it and going back to your original position. Repeat this for 15 times per set and 3 sets per workout session. Doing this regularly can help you strengthen your chest, shoulders and back.

Kneeling Cable Crossover

  • Place the exercise mat right in the center of the cable machine and then hold the handles using both of your hands. Kneel down while keeping your arms relaxed and your forearm facing forward. Inhale slowly and then pull the handles to your shoulder while exhaling. Hold this position for several seconds before resting back down and repeat it 15 times per set. This can help you work on your chest, arms and shoulders.

There are lots of other cable crossover routines that you can opt for, especially if you want to focus on specific muscle groups. To obtain the best results, you may consult some fitness blog or a gym trainer to help you out on other routines.

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