Child Bookcases for Sale: Top 3 Child Bookcases

Choosing a Bookcase for your Child

To maintain some semblance of organization and encourage your child to put away his toys as well as read, child bookcases are the perfect furnishing. Plus, you will like to review the selection online, comprising of child bookcase designs and styles that are varied and affordable. If you want to motivate your child to read at an early age, then reviewing the bookcase choices for children is a good beginning. You can find bookcases on a number of places on the Internet, so take your time and browse. Pick a shelf, for example, with rounded corners versus sharp corners to avoid injury. The following are 3 bookcase suggestions for every child.

A Young Reader-friendly Bookcase

For example, one bookshelf that inspires a child to read is the natural sling bookshelf that is manufactured by the well-known brand of KidKraft. Young readers will truly enjoy the design of this bookshelf, which makes it possible for you to display the front of the book rather than the spine.

The practical shelf can hold any size books and can be assembled fairly fast. Made of a solid, durable frame, the bookshelf is unique in that its shelves are made of canvas – thus the name sling bookshelf. You can buy this child-friendly, young reader-friendly bookshelf for approximately $50.00 online.

A Bookcase for a Boy

Another bookcase that may be interest to parents of little boys who like to read is the Firehouse Bookcase that also carries the KidKraft brand as well. Made to look like a firehouse, the child bookcase provides plenty in the way of shelf space to house books and toys. This child bookcase, made specifically for 3 to 8-year-olds, features six distinct compartments for storing toys and books, which also includes a storage area that is hidden from view with a “garage” door. The fire engine red color is cheerful and friendly and sparks (no pun intended) a child’s imagination. Kid-friendly, this bookcase is a great way to show your child the importance of picking up his toys and putting them away as well as keeping reading materials well-organized. This popular bookcase can be found online and costs just under $100.

A Bookcase for a Girl

Of all the child bookcases that are available, the girl’s storage bookcase by 4D Concepts is a good pick for anyone wanting a child bookcase for a girl’s room. The manufacturer has designed the bookcase with safety in mind as it is made with rounded corners and comes with straps so you can anchor it to minimize the possibility of it possibly tilting or falling over. It comes with medium lavender and pink drawers made of canvas which can safely store away such items as games and clothes. Two large drawers made of canvas toward the bottom are designed to hold clothes and accessories. The shelf, made of laminate and composite board, can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth. You can buy the almost 60-pound furnishing for around $125.

Kid Bookcase Brands

Child Bookcases come in a number of brands, including the already-mentioned 4D Concepts and KidKraft, as well as Signature Design by Furniture XO, Standard Furniture and Lea Kids, just to name a few.

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