Chlorine Generator Reviews: My Top 3

There are a number of chlorine generator for pools models to consider. Many of them are made for pools, but some are built for hot tubs as well. Obviously there are many different kinds within these 2 broad categories, but the premise of all of them is simple-reuse chlorine.

Basically, every pool or hot tub needs chlorine. This is not a secret. However, many people spend way more than they need to purchasing new chlorine when they could simply be reusing the old chlorine already in the water. This is where chlorine generators come in.

Once installed, these systems work almost entirely on their own, as they are self monitored. All that is required is that you either put in a tiny portion of seed compound every 30-90 days (depending on the model) to prime it, or change the filter periodically.

The Role of a Chlorine Generator

A good generator will intake the chlorine with all the nasty substances it has picked up in the water. It then separates the chlorine that can still be used and eliminates the rest. After this, it puts the reusable chlorine back in the water, which allows you to use the same chlorine again and again. Obviously a small portion of the chlorine will evaporate from the water, which means that you lose a little each time. However, with a good generator the amount that gets lost is minimal.

Easy Installation

Some of them are more difficult than others, but most of the generators can be installed by someone with little mechanical knowledge. The majority of them use no more than120 volts, which means you do not have to use any special wiring. They generally plug directly into the plumbing of the water pool or hot tub.

The majority of these generators come with a digital panel that monitors the system and controls it in order to obtain the desired results. The panel generally comes with 2-3 LCD display icons and buttons. In other words, if you have ever used a cell phone or computer, you should have no trouble installing this.

Chlorine Generator Reviews

1. Goldline AQ-TROL-HP AquaTrol Above Ground Chlorinator

This is one of the more popular generators out there. It is simple to install, and most people can do this in 30 minutes. It is made for above-ground pools with as much as 18,000 gallons of water in them, so it is better for people with small to medium sized above ground pools.

It comes with an integral time clock that allows it to control the pump well. Because a lot of the above ground pools come with just one electrical outlet, the Aqua Trol has an outlet of its’ own to plug the filter pump into, which in turn is put into the main pool or hot tub. This machine is known for being quite efficient, and you will generally save enough on chlorine so that it starts paying for itself after 2-3 years. This unit uses table salt to produce the pure chlorine. Since the salt will not evaporate, it can be utilized many times before you need to replace it. This allows it to produce as much as ¾ of a pound of chlorine daily.

2. Intex 2000 GPH Water Filtration Pool Pump with Built-in Chlorine Generator

This is a filter and filtration system all in one. Like the Goldline system, it uses salt to separate the chlorine. Because the salt will not evaporate, it does not require you to keep adding seed compound, like you have to with many of the older models.

This generator is able to filter and chlorinate up to 2000 galls each hour. The timer and alerts are simple to figure out, and it is simple to connect it to the majority of above ground pools. It also disinfects the water utilizing table salt.

Of course, the advantage of the Intex is that it comes with a filter and chlorine generator together. Despite this, it is still very easy to install. The only real downside of this model is that the timer does not allow you to set it for a future time-you have to actually be present when you want to turn the filter on the first time.

Since it is advisable to run the system when nobody is in the pool, this time will generally be at night. However, once you do this the first time, it will automatically turn on at the same time every night. All in all, the Intex is a great purchase.

3. Hayward Aqua-Rite In-Ground Chlorine Generator - up to 40K Gallons

This model is made to be used with bigger pools, whereas the previous 2 were more for small to mid-size ones. It is able to work in pools with as much as 40,000 gallons of water in them. Like the Intex and the Goldline, it uses salt to get pure chlorine.

Overall, the operating system is similar to the previous 2-the main difference is that this one is made for larger pool owners. For this reason, hotels would tend to use this one more than homeowners.


There are many chlorine generator for pool models on the market. These are 3 of the best. If you own a small to medium pool, then the Intex or Goldline would be your best bet. However, if you need a generator for a larger pool, then the Hayward is the way to go.

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