Choosing Light Pole Banners or Flags

You may be considering buying one of those commercial-looking light pole banners to decorate the light poles along your driveway or in your garden or yard. You may be able to find a company that will sell you a single banner and mounting kit. Although this type of banner will certainly be a striking decoration for your special event or holiday, it may not be the most cost effective way to go.

For residential use, an inexpensive yet elegant alternative for decorating pole lighting is to purchase a banner mounting system or flag holder and flag or banner specifically intended for home use. There are many appropriate styles available for many occasions. You are likely to find exactly what you need for a lot less money than purchasing from a commercial supplier.

The likelihood of you finding a commercial supplier willing to sell an individual banner, especially a custom screen printed one, is very slim. If you really think you need one customized for your event or someone’s name, consider the price involved. When purchasing from a commercial supplier, you can choose between the screen-printed or vinyl light pole banners of which, the vinyl are the least expensive. The vinyl banners cost between $90 and $100, depending on the size. Purchasing the mounting system from the same supplier is probably going to cost you between $150 and $175 on top of the cost of the banner.

Naturally, you should comparatively shop, but you can find screen-printed or vinyl flags complete with a mounting system for less than $20 each. These kits are not hard to find, either. You can purchase them at dollar stores, discount stores, home and garden stores and even some print shops. If you absolutely must have custom-printed light pole decorations, try to purchase them in bulk to obtain better pricing.

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