Cleaning Bathroom Cabinets and Vanities

I am sure majority of people who own linen cabinets have been through the experience of digging through their cabinets searching for their unopened soap only to end up spending a good amount of time doing so. Rolls of towels and other linens can easily get mixed up with toilet paper and other cleaning supplies. How do you clean up the bath linen cabinet?

Organization is not very difficult to do. Half a day is already enough for you to complete the task. What you need to do first is to take out things from your cabinet and sort them out. People have a way of hoarding things. You may have bath salts, shampoos and soaps which are already expired, throw them away. If there are some things in the cabinet which do not belong there, put them in the right place. Pile the things which should stay in the bathroom.

Clean the cabinet inside out before replacing the things. The inside of the linen cabinet can easily get moist and warm. This is place where mold thrives. Fill a spray bottle with vinegar and then spray it on the insides of the cabinet. Bleach is not recommended because if you have colored towels, they could get discolored easily. There are bathroom molds which are harmless and there are those which can be hazardous to one’s health.

The outside of the cabinet can be cleaned easily depending on what material it is made of. For cabinets with wooden finishes, gentle dishwashing soap and water will do. For other types  you can just purchase a commercial cleaner.

Now that your cabinet is empty, you will have to analyze the space and how to utilize it effectively. You can sort things out and where to put them. Things which are frequently used should go to the lower shelves while seasonal things can go to the top of the cabinet.

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