Clip on Lamp Shade

There are so many options with lamp shades that it is hard to choose, one from them. Well, you can definitely buy in bulk, but you should know what to buy. Not only are there different shapes and sized available, but there are also different patterns and designs, on the fabric. From the classic color black to the multi patterned flowers, you have options, options, everywhere. To elaborate further, there are the drum shaped and the empire shaped. How is one to know, what to buy and what looks good on the lamp? It is indeed a difficult thing to decide on but not so hard if you think about your preference and the look of the lamp.

Now even more important than looking for the shapes colors and patterns of any lamp shade is the fitter. The fitter decides how it can be attached to the lamp. There are various fitters that come with, so have a look before you buy any shade. One of the fitters is known as the spider fitter, in which the fitter forms a spider web around the. The spider fitter sits on top of the harp that surrounds the bulb. Likewise, the UNO fitter is opposite of the spider fitter. The fitter will be already installed in the lamp shade, which will sit on the socket. There are two types of UNO fitter that you can look.

Finally there is the clip on fitter which will fit onto the bulb directly and is built in with the lamp shade. Therefore, the fitter can be called the clip on lamp shade. The clip on lamp shade is, usually for chandelier lamps. However, you can also get a clip on for the table lamp too. Like with other shades, you have variety of options with the clip on lamp shade. It is just important to measure the size and the height of the chandelier lamp. It is highly advisable to measure the height, in between the ceiling and the chandelier. After you have done these measurements, try to find a clip on shade that matches your color and pattern taste. You can also get a beaded clip on, as it will look absolutely stunning hanging downwards.

You should go for bold and beautiful color of lamp shade, when getting the clip on, as it is going to help in lighting effect. It is also one of the easier lamp shades to install and remove, which only needs secure clipping. If you are living alone, and do not prefer the hassle of installing or removing a lampshade, then the clip on lamp shade is for you.

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