Coffee Machine Reviews: Top 3 Coffee Makers In 2012

Shopping for coffee makers this season can be difficult since there are so many different brands on the market, all advertising different levels of functionality. Recently the most sought-after features include full programmability and automated function along with the ability to select differently sized servings. According to this demand, three of the best coffee machines of 2012 are the Cuisinart Coffee Plus, the Keurig Elite Gourmet and the Viking 12-Cup Brewer.

1. Cuisinart Coffee Plus CHW 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

The Cuisinart Coffee Plus is a fully programmable automatic coffeemaker that keeps track of your favorite brews and automatically brews coffee at intervals of up to 24 hours for maximum convenience. It also features auto-on and auto-off so there is no need to leave the coffeemaker on between auto-brewed carafes. The brewer features specific temperature and extraction settings for small servings under five cups and larger servings over five cups to achieve maximum flavor. A built-in indicator lets you know when the coffeemaker needs to be cleaned to remove normal calcium buildup for easy maintenance, and the filter includes charcoal to remove any small impurities in the water for the purest tasting beverages. With so many technical features and fully automated brewing, the Coffee Plus is one of the best coffee machines of 2012.

2. Keurig B-40 Elite Gourmet Single-Cup Coffee Brewing System

The Keurig Elite Gourmet is a brewing system that makes one cup at a time for perfect temperature, strength and flavor every time. Instead of using messy filters and coffee grounds, the machine uses k-cup pods that can make either 7.25 pounce or 9.25 ounce servings, sized just right for either standard-sized mugs or large travel mugs. The brewing process is as easy as filling up the 48 ounce reservoir with water and selecting “Heating” on the LED control center. Once the water is hot, add a k-cup and place a mug underneath, then press the “Small” or “Large Mug” button for the right serving. There is no messy clean-up involved, simply remove the used k-cup and refill the reservoir with fresh water and the machine is ready for the next use. In addition to a wide variety of coffee brews and varieties, the Keurig Elite Gourmet can make tea, hot chocolate and even hot cider with the right k-cups, making it the most versatile single-serving coffeemaker on the market.

3. Viking 12-Cup Coffee Brewer

The Viking Coffee Brewer is a sleek stainless steel coffeemaker that can brew up to 12 cups at once and can be programmed to make anywhere from 4 to 12 cups on demand at any time. The digital interface is attractive and features a clock function for easily programming a cup of coffee for the next morning or later in the afternoon. The brewer features Brew Break technology, which senses when the carafe is removed from the machine and interrupts brewing briefly so that you can pour the first cup without waiting for the entire pot to fill up. The stainless steel carafe is thermal and keeps liquids warm for hours without needing to keep the machine turned on. It comes with a fully removable water reservoir for easy refilling and an optional tea basket for brewing loose leaf tea, as well as the stainless steel removable filter that makes disposable paper filters unnecessary.

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